isupernicee,you know it
Friday, 29 February 2008

Han Ping and yoke kwan stole our circle!!
but we're nicee people and let them sit there today
and i'm going to be like ms ng to my peer class
buy socks for them and make them change if i can't see their socks

got back hist papers
i got 20/30 && 14/20
and it will be 67/100
i can get 1 more mark for my ans
and i have to find him after school to get the mark

yes, i got 22/35 for science
and me and wan ting were busy fighting for the 1 mark
which determines whether its A2 or B3
and we were argueing with Mr Chan for the mark
and we debated with him for like 15 mins
before he decided to accept the answer
one more mark.yays!!

i am super duper nicee
i know wing sang thinks so
i ran with her for TAF club
hahas. but i think i ran too fast le
5 rounds lehs
i must win cross country next friday
8th position i coming for you

my face was super duper red
and dean said i was a home grown tomato
i am soo not !!
and we learnt the bamboo song
its super cute
and the STOMP musical thingy is boring
at least 10 people were sleeping.

we're getting a trainee teacher for geog
no more mdm neo from nxt week
and we have make up class nxt monday
geog is boring
and aqilah came back from HIHS invest
i am super jealous of her souvenir

went to find Mr Low
and he refuses to give me the damn freaking mark
like i am sooooo pissed
and he still scolded me
my answer is totally correct, and he refuses to give me the mark
i was like super pissed off.

thanks all of you for listening to the complains and anger remarks
i was super pissed off
sry milo boy if i dao.ed you, i was super angry

nicholas, i don;t like justin and justin does not like me
and i was a guai kia and studied for my malay test
and xian long shall be hamtaro from now onwards
and kevin wears green contacts
the malay test is super easy especially when you get to discuss answers with 3 ppl

and i suffered major peeling of skin from guides.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Thursday, 28 February 2008

tied the funny funny hairstyle to school
my hair is like super long now
and its natural okay!!
it not rebonded or extended
and they think my pinafore is short.
but the other one is super long
i got 22/35 for science
i suck.ed this time
because i died at the trick questions!!
i shall study harder from now onwards

mr khoo is super lame today
we folded origami and learnt how to play with transformers
my stagasurus is named emosaurus; black and red
jing fang's one is funkysaurus; blue and orange
wingsang's is sunnysaurus; orange and yellow
hahas. i finally folded something out of paper!!
jassy went for tournament
and me and jaslyn understood maths today
yays!! it super easy for now
lunch.ed with milo boy and suwen
it super weird when victoria calls milo boy kor
and milo boy says his shy. super bhb!!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Friday, 22 February 2008

went to school at 6.30, its super early and i look like a retard
pinned-up fringe, high socks, ultra long skirt
at least there's no pleated hair
joyce looked super weird okay
stood at the parade square for like 10 mins
our marching has improved!! Yays!
had to stay in the uniform the whole day!
wanted to get hist. paper back
but only can get it next week
i got 7 for the essay thingy
its super dumb!
and i have no idea what he was talking abt during lesson
i think i'm super retarded
did the math graph thingy
and all the lines look like mountains or upside down mountains to me
when it is supposed to be u. shape or v. shape
and xiu ming was ripping my answers

the mr lim is freakking tall like 182 cm
we were asking him how tall he was and stuff
and his chinese is super bad ; better than mine but still horrible
i'm super jealous of his height

mdm neo's first geog lesson with us
her voice is super irritating
the only reason i like her is because she dao.ed lorena
and she prints notes for us
my geog result is 19.5/25
its an A
mg ng caught me using my handphone
but its because my mum was calling me and she released us late and milo boy was calling me
i have to reject the calls right...
at least she nvr confiscate my phone

lunched with suwen and milo boy
i didn't eat, cause i super full
taught the rest the dance, its niceee!!
milo boy and suwen came to 2/3 to extra

guides is super slack today
no more footdrill sessions!!
prepared for initiative
it was balloon twisting!!
we were being bimbo's again
we didn't dare twist the balloons, and were screaming when they popped
but its super fun and the balloons won't pop
they'll just have holes and deflate
helped to eat up the dumplings the others made
it is just plain rice okay
and its tastes okay until you know how they handled the rice
i will never help to eat whatever they cook ever again

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Thursday, 21 February 2008

daddy was super tired and he missed the turn to my school
so i alighted at the bus stop and walked in
so cool!! my first time

i have to pin up my fringe from now onwards
and my socks are super high
i want to go step camp!! but it might clash with pow wow
so i don't dare sign up; maybe next year

i finally blinged milo boys phone
now it looks soooo pretty!!
he too is super racist like timothy
both of them are super gays!!

our science research programme idea was already tested
and so, we have to change it
and xiu ming was crapping to himself but he came out with and idea
i miss wing sang!!

justin shall be my home econs partner from now onwards
he is a super slacker okay
he took my answers from the workbook for his

danced the dance during recess
nicholas was like laughing
wen jie and timothy were acting spastic!!
the dance is freakking nicee okay
joyce still looks weird when dancing it

revised maths during chinese
i finally understand how to do the first common test with wai siong's help
i am sooo dead without him

maths test; its much easier than the first one
but i think i lost some marks because my ans is super weird
i should do much better than my previous test
its the last test!! no more tests for this term!

lunched with milo boy, suwen, jaslyn and wei xuan
all i had was milo!! same as milo boy
and no, we are not scandalous
its just that we are super full
and i just realised victoria is milo boy's gan in some way

choreographed the dance with shi hui, bi xia, qian ci and sharon
then suwen came to extra and smsed milo boy to go come
its super ps dancing in front of your guy friends okay.
especially when you're not sure of the dance moves
milo boy went to the gym at 3.30 and su wen finally left at 4 +
and we finished choreographing the dance!!
i am now super duper proud of myself
but the challenge is teaching the rest the dance

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

mugged in the morning before science test
went to the canteen to study
i miss the circle
and i was supposed to bling milo boy's phone today
i have to bling it tmr!!
got the stupid haircheck and so i pinned up my fringe
i lost my small hairclip and had to use the big one instead
i looked kuku okay.
poh seng was laughing like some idiot

science test!!
the test is damn freakking tricky okay.
the melting point thingy confuses me
and the proton electron thingy]
but i managed to complete it!!
one more test to go
then its end of CA1

i failed my mental calculation because of cancellations
like i wrote so many wrong answers... of course must cancel mahhs
i failed by one mark and improved my one
i didn't fail my investigative task!!
i got 8 even though i walked out on the paper

and the name tag finally came!!
hahas. i shall wear it from now onwards
and i shall make him wear too

my zuo wen is super pathetic
there is not enough time and my conclusion is super dumb
but i wrote 2 and 2 lines worth of zuo wen which is 6 lines longer than my previous one

mr khairul is scary okay
he came into class and said no one passed english lit
and almost everyone passed
cause people were gathering around him when he was marking the papers
i found a book that reminds me of justin!
gay neck!! hahas. he wanted to kill me okay
read some dumb book
size 14 isn't fat either or something like that

i was super nicee to open the door and help settle 1/8 down
sat at the back with the councillors
we were highing the whole way
everyone kept looking at us cause we were super duper enthu!!
helped to stack the chairs

lunched with joyce, hui ling, yuan yun
wanted to eat with ms ng de
but she wanted to be anti social
then i saw meatball halfway
i thought i saw a giant walking meatball at first
i am super evil!!

stupid mr khoo and mr khairul
chase us out of our own class!!
and they say they booked it
hmphs. they bully us

went to choreograph our seniors farewell dance
i think the dance rocks!!
cause i co-choreograped it; so it has to be nicee
then the stupid 1/8.ians
were like purposely hanging out around there to see us dance

i am the emcee for the campfire at the guides camp
like ahhh!! i don't want!!
i will be super spastic
had footdrill again
the sec ones are super cute
they are like ;satu, dua, tigah
when there is only supposed to the satu and dua
and they are super soft!! i was super noisy when i joined lorrhs

we practised the dance again and the ncc were like watching us dance
and nicholas was like super LOL
they squahed xiu ming!!
was super funny!!
and we choreographed the whole first verse of the dance
i am super proud of myself!!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

itsbling; whats not to love
Tuesday, 19 February 2008

stood in our comittees in the morning
yes i'm a sprinter!!
its so weird to be seperated from 2/3
i want sharmini back; its freakking weird standing next to timothy
he is sooo tall
sat at the circle again
my butt loves that spot
and i was super guai
i was studying my lit though nothing really got in
then milo boy said hi
i was not retarded today!
i said hi back
there is fringe check tmr
lets all look retarded and pin up our fringe!

mr singh is making us tuck in our shirts and look like retards
had to train for cross country
and me and jassy and aqilah were exempted
because of certain reasons
we took care of his treasures
his handphone, pass, stopwatch and pen
and i helped him time our classmates
and we played captains ball

mrs kamal wasn't in school
so we revised lit instead
nothing seemed to get in

we finally ate recess
wanted to bling timothy's handphone but the stupid adhesive came out
saw jaslyn play volleyball
it sounds painful okay
and me jia qin and jassy were being bimbos
screaming when the ball flew towards us
we decided to act more man and have no reaction
the two of them pao qi me when they see the ball flying towards them
leaving me standing down there kukuing and acting man

mr chan crapped loads
our science test is tmr
so we must mugmugmugmug
finally blinged su wens phone
and now it looks super gay!!

lit test is like much easier than expected
i managed to finish it and successfully analysed the poem
yays! i'm getting smarter

english test is easy too!!
and mr khoo was super dumb
he tried to hypnotise us into not letting the passage and questions out
but i shall be super nicee and say
its about a bunny jumping over the wall
and you are a stupid idiot if you believed that

the stupid science specialist thing is crapp
the instructor can't pronounce words

experiment is not expirement
hydrogen is not hytrogen
turbine is not turmine

we were crapping the whole way
and charlene was like asking wai siong to close his mouth as flies woud go in
and timothy mua is my idol from now onwards; he is such a geek
he is the only one who actually listens and answers

took my chinese test
and i was super high!!
izzah said i was not low so i was high!
the chinese test is dumb
i didn't know how to do the front part
but the back part is easy!!

i want to bling milo boys phone
i shall bling it tmr!! at the circle

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Monday, 18 February 2008

reached school later today.
its high belt monday again. yays!
i look like a retard; my belt is high and i'm wearing tie and pulling my socks up
went to sit at the beloved circle
i miss it loads!!
yes. sharmini was being a total sicko again
and then milo boy said hi
i was totally retarded okay; couldn't rmb what he was called
it was total spasticness
janelle was announcing to the whole world that mr khoo used to be in super band

maths today is fun
though i do not understand what the hell was going on
but its still fun!
i managed to do the algebra quiz. yays!

the mr tan came in for the chinese lesson
we had test!
i think i exceeded the word limit by like 3 words
it is super easy. just that not enough time
and i cannot rmb a word mrs cheong said abt it

mr chan is super funny
was kukuing during his lesson again
and busy copying all the notes i missed out on
science test on weds! mugmugmugmug

mr khoo makes me want to laugh
especially knowing that he used to be in superband
he wanted us to change a fairytale
so me and jaslyn came up with a stupid story of mulan being cinderella's step sister
and arab wants to invade both countries and they gang up to help each other
it is super random.
and we were discussing where pocohantus was from
she is not from arab okay.
i did my grammar test. it is easy
just that i am super kuku
i passed a wrong word 5 times before i noticed it

jaslyn was saying that i'm scandalous with milo boy
like ewwww. we are related in the name of milo
jaslyn is super duper scandalous with aik meng and timi hahas
timi is the most scandalous person; he is scandalous with 5 people

took my home econs test; i got some answers from Justin
he forced me to take the damn test
was supposed to take my chinese test
its postponed to tmr
so i have to stay back and do after science specialist

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

hello earthlinqs
Friday, 15 February 2008

i'm back!! YAYS!!

the first person i saw in school was suwen.
he is soooo noticeable okay.
the first person i hugged is sharmini
she didn't realise she was talking to me
i freakked her out
and brandon was like spastic when he saw me XD

we got our comittees today
super excited okay
i'm in SPRINT!! yays!
i love Wei Jun!!
thanks a lot for letting me join sprint

was mugging before hist. test
we were sitting in the canteen and studying
i miss the circle
i must sit there on Monday

hist. test is easy!! cause i study a lot when i was overseas
we have to pay $120 for the science specialist thingy
it is a waste of money!!!
we camwhored during recess. nicee nicee pics :]
music test is a little dumb. i have no idea what Phillipines have
crapped about phillipines culture XD

geog. test is also easy
Mdm Neo is back
so no more MR FOO
i will miss him
he is sooo much better then her

ms ng has her mood swings again
have to take the stupid mental calculation test which only allows one cancellation
like i wrote a lot of wrong answers
so i cancelled a lot
it is much easier than the previous one
i think i can pass
if they deduct my marks because of cancellations

lunched with Jaslyn and Su Wen and Jun An
wanted to ask milo boy along
but his friend booked him

Jun An is the prefect that took care of me when i was in p2
and i have no idea who he is
and he can rmb me
he knows stuff about me
it is sooo freakkish

went to guides HQ to learn how to pitch tent
the stupid bus didn't come and so we cabbed there instead
they keep saying i'm a tai tai
i am not a freakking tai tai okay.
folding up the trackpants , carrying many bags doesn't make me a tai tai

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy valentines day everyone :]
thanks for all the nicee v-day prezzies

thanks Jaslyn for the nicee nicee lime green hairclip
thanks Jassy for the pack if candy
thanks Suwen for the rose
thanks Milo boy for the lollipops and sweets
thanks Joyce and Hui Ling for the chocolate
thanks Jing Qiu for the clip and the straw heart
thanks Exco for the daisy
thanks Aqilah for the sweet
thanks Wing Sang for the key chain
thanks Casmelin for the tortoise
thanks Ranjini for the photo and sweets
thanks Jing Fang for the note and your prezzie
thanks Mr Khoo for the gummy
thanks Mr Foo for the choc.
thanks to those who gave me prezzies in case i forgot abt you

spread the lovee;

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

happyHIGHbelt day :]
Monday, 4 February 2008

Me && Jaslyn wore our pink sports ***
it is soooo bright :]
we are sooo proud of it

P.E. is dumb
he wanted us to run 2 rounds
&& we walked 1 round only
basketball is a very painful sport
my hands are super rough from the ball
we played MONKEY :]

i look spastic in the picture
my baby photo looks cuter
and i didn't bring my 30 cm ruler
my view finder is kind of pathetic
drew the grid thingy on A3 paper
i cannot draw straight lines

the experiment is fun
but the cabbage juice smell is EWWW
had to boil the cabbage for the juice
so had to wear the goggles
and i looked like some student from mars
the colour of the mixture is super nicee okay
i am soooo jealous
had to pour it away in the end

Mr Khairul was being his gay self again
we played game today
and the prize is jellybeans
the jellybeans cost $14 for one tin
it is super expensive but it is nicee

Mr Khoo again
Jassy left for tournament
and Jaslyn sat with me
we were like doing valentines day card and eating m&m's while he was teaching
Jaslyn's drawings are nicee
&& i will buy her artwork from her if she is an artist next time

the investigative task thingy sucks
i have no idea WTH the answer is
even the calculator doesn't know the answer
me and Jaslyn walked out of the test 15 mins earlier
we didn't know how to do
and so instead of wasting time we walked out

Jassy. Jaslyn. Cheryl.
these three names will be the only names found in our group
three of us are BFF'S since the first day of school
&& we will always be

from now on every monday will be HIGH BELT MONDAY :]
we look retard okay.
the three kuku's

went up to class in the morning with our belt in the loop
my is super high!!
we were laughing all the way up the stairs
we walked into class and they were all quiet
the atmosphere is totally wrong okay.

Jaslyn gave me my nicee powerpuff girl file
its $1.50

i failed my math test...
only 4 people passed
i seriously need a tutor

was freezing during chinese for no apparant reason
and Mrs Cheong had to get me to answer her question
i was crapping the whole lesson

half the class was missing when its Mr Khoo's lesson
he is pathetic
his voice sounds funny...

ms ng wants to know why we don't like him

why we do not like mr khoo:
1. his lowcut shirt
2. his face
3. his voice
4. the way he teaches

Evelyn and her friend were outside class
Evelyn is super SEXAYE
and me && Jaslyn were screaming when we saw her

we re-acted the scene where Mr Khoo complained to ms ng about Mr Khairul
it is damn funny
went to AMK hub to buy v-day prezzies
i spent $34 on the prezzies

i am so sorry
i know that you have been saving up for it for a very long time
thanks for mustering all that courage to ask me out
but i'll be overseas
i hope you are okay

Lots of ♥, Cheryl i am not the DRAGON
Friday, 1 February 2008

MR YONG is soooo much better than MR LOW
he is damn funny okay
i got 13/20 for history test.
even though i didn't study

the stupid experiment we did in sec 1
the filter funnel rolled off the table and dropped on the floor
&& it shattered into many pieces
cross country is at SENTOSA
so i think i should run
i want to get 8th place this time :]
my stamina sucks !!
Ms LAU'S house is at harbourfront!!
MR FOO is sooo nicee
he nvr scold me for not doing corrections
we got our yearbook!!
i look SUPER DUPER UN-GLAM in some pictures
it is super fun okay
i was KUKU.ING the whole way
our instuctor poured water on us
&& i said to him;" I seriously don't like you"
was super wet thanks to ST JOHN'S, TRACK && some random instuctors
we were freezing in the bus...
&& we had to sit on newspaper in order to not get the seat wet
i look SUPER DUPER UN-GLAM again!!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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