the teardrops on my guitar.
Monday, 31 March 2008

i'm missing my pillow and losing my voice. :(

ihatesoccer. my shoes are pathetically muddy, and mr singh is back.

i helped to clean up council room,with aqilah,jaslyn,sharmini and suwen. council must love us.

its a tiring day, almost slept in math lesson and cme, everyones falling asleep in class. the anti-smoking videos are ancient. and i've got a blister on my leg { randomly discovered it during cme }
some random guy said hi & bye to me .trained to vivo with joyce. i'm getting jellybeans:D.

the necklaces at diva are nicee. :D i shall go vivo for shop spree one day.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

super fuckedup day
Friday, 28 March 2008

emotional rollercoaster.

its so freakking irritating okay. we were having our sec 2 investiture meeting and then Monica stormed up and scolded us for not cleaning council room and especially the ppl on duty. said i did my duty and she scolded me more saying that i should help the others with their duty. like WTH. like so many ppl free and she has to interupt the invest meeting and scold us. she could have gotten the rest to clean up while we held our super important meeting. thanks Ranjini for standing up for us :D

we were like reading 17 magazine during reading. then i realised, i break fast today :D and jaslyn said she would treat me when i break fast.

went to 1/4 to give out council forms. the bitch wants to join council. with that freaking attitude of hers, oh please.

my phone is the best phone in the world. it dropped from the 4th storey staircase down the hole to the 2nd storey and it still works :D i'm proud of my phone
the n6 cluster dance thingy is cool, but the dance is super gay. and suwen looks super weird/funny/gay when dancing certain parts. i feel retarded suddenly. i'm suffering from super STM, i can't rmb the dance.

went for guides just in time for capt.ball. i'm super high today. and joyce reminds me of a hippo. the sec 4's last session with us. we were all super sad when they dismissed us, and then i cried. memories, fun, joy, love. goodbye sec 4's.

i'll always remember what you've taught me, i'll be the best i can be in a*guides. thanks for everything sec 4's. you guys were the best. we'll miss you loads. we'll always remember the times we shared together. goodbye my beloved sec 4's.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

rainbow my life
Thursday, 27 March 2008

i'm super tired and i'm losing my voice.

had sec 2 meeting in the morning, no new themes. appart from the super ridiculous theme from Sharmini. its super r21/ naked party. the typical sick sharmini. 1/8 is really trying to kill me, the edusave forms all not in.

we're all super quiet during science, maybe its because of the antartic documentry we want to watch. the silence was seriously freakish. it feels like someone died or something like that.

and Mr Yong is my saviour. he saved us from the torture of mr low. 10 minutes is very long when its spent with mr low, i almost died.

ppl! stop staring and pointing at me.

lunch.ed with suwen, miloo and junan. miloo bought strepsils for me. thanks milooo :D rushed back to decorate the hall. was suppossed to study with milooo, but didn't have time. sry milooo. and the hall looks super nicee thanks to us :D and thanks milooo again for the drink, was super dehydrated.

i want to join the N6 dance cluster thing. it seems cool

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'm dying so bad
Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Happy Birthday Mei Shan :D

i'm jealous, the monkey for mrs cheong is super nicee and cute and i'm proud of myself for finding the monkey and for wearing my long-er pinafore, i can't find my belt, and the current one is super off-colour.

had sec 2 meeting. its super scary when we're all serious and stuff. it's freakish! investiture is not a nice thing to plan for. i shall suggest the theme metamorphosis, hardships turning all of us into butterflies. omg, thats kinda gay.

geo-pardy is fun, and the bobo's , our team, won. sharmini was the one answering all the questions and the rest were all busy writing. and the merci chocolate he gave was all melted. but its still nice to eat.

i love the science lesson today, did the datalogger thing. its super fun, and you get to go out of class { can sms ! } think i looked dumb, was staring at the soil through a magnifying glass looking for insects. and the boys playing soccer injured a crow. evil ppl!

i think i was the one and only pathetic person screaming when 2/3 got top in any subject. 2/3 has 6 certs in total for ca1. it should be 7, but they say we all did badly so there's no top in maths. we shall work harder this term.i want to top for science.

1/8 is seriously trying to kill me. they forged signatures on the edusave form. and its terrible forgery, one look and you know its fake. and they expect me to accept the fact that it is real. and i'm losing my voice already.

and makwaisiong is disgusting! he spit/sprayed me with water. its super disgusting!

all the sec 3's gave their speeches. bulliable {adlyn} is soooo cute. all the best to the sec 3's no matter who will become top4.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Monday, 24 March 2008

i'm like super busy this week, think i'm gonna die one way or another. we took sprint'08 photo , i look funny, still looking for the monkey plushie for mrs cheong.
mr wang didn't extra today; he helped us not lose so badly, so he's nicee now. he jumps super high! and christopher is my new capt. ball idol, he's practically the worst player i've ever seen. and i caught 1 ball {standing on chair }, the 1 and only ball they threw to me.

i think i'm spastic, i thought the wu shu performance was by 6 ppl and it was only 3 ppl. i'm jealous, the thai guy dances super well.

and just after school; life turns super crapped up. i replaced jaslyn for the photoshoot thingy. which was supposed to be at 1.50 and they pushed it back to 2.30 which clashes with my maths trail and i have to find a replacement for the photo shoot. so we go around randomly looking for people to take over us. and i'm super sorry if i scared anyone. sry jasmine. we couldn't find a malay girl and ended up taking the photo ourselves.

then we cabbed to vivo; the taxi fare is super ex. its $12. ms ng is super pissed at us and will not pay our cab fare. and i want a build a bear bear for my birthday. i formulated 2 questions; i feel smart.! and i bought my jellybeans.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

brownies are nicee
Thursday, 20 March 2008

the winitsuksa ppl are in singapore le
mdm wha. caught me for short pinafore again
and we had sprint meeting to decide what to do for mrs cheong
we had to form the great divide in the parade square
and we were like clapping for them the whole way
then we went back to attire check 1/8

had health checkup, i was being nerd wearing my specs.
and my eyesight nvr deprove , my backbone is tested negative
and it only took abt 15 mins
went for home econs, i feel like superwoman
i made the whole batter by myself :D
the brownies are nicee, although there is super low sugar taste

mr yong came in for hist.
he is soooo funny, and kuku and 'mature' and bhb
soooo much better than mr lowsiewthian
i left my math wkst at home in my file
so i redid it during hist while listening to mr yong

mr chan, i got listen to your lesson even though i felt like sleeping
i'm a guai student :D

i pinched justin's cheek, and no i did not molest him
drew in my background for my beautiful self portrait
jassy accidentally erased her nose.

1/8 was scolded by major chong for some reason
and i was a guai kia and did my math hmk after school
lunched with joyce, wingsang, cas and jingfang
then had dance prac. and i saw miloboy, xinlin and weixuan
went to photostat the recipies for CIP with the little kids
and then bus.ed home for tuition

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

neglect me, yes, go ahead
Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Happy birthday mum

Jaslyn gave miloboy her hug she owe.ed
and she gave suwen and me hugs too
and somehow now, i owe suwen and miloboy hugs too

i was super careless in my previous compo,
and my strawberry tribe compo is super horrible
i have no idea what i'm writing

i sooooo do not like mr fadzli
yes. his lesson is a little more interesting
but i still don't like him

mr chan showed us the great coral reef video
its super nicee, just that i was super sleepy
but i didn't sleep! mr chan anyhow accuse ppl
i got listen and watch the video
i only like lie down on the table for 2 mins
and thats not considered sleeping

mr khoo was like super angry at us
cause we nvr follow his instructions,
he nagged at us, 'nagnagnagnagnag' - quoted from mr khoo
then he walked out, no one really cared though

substitution and elimination is nicee/fun
i feel smart cause i know how to do
my math is improving

finally went to eat subway.
and joyce finally gave me the cookie she owed me
went to buy mummy's presents and her beautiful flowers
i'm envious, the flowers are super nicee

it soo sad, its the sec 4's last session with us nxt fri
bye valerie ma'am, i'll miss you
and i'll always be your 2nd personal assistant SPONGEBOB

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

term 2 wk1 day 2
Tuesday, 18 March 2008

sprint; mrs cheong is ill
and as sprinters, we must do something for her
jaslyn is suppossed to hug miloboy
rest assured jaslyn, i have no reason to be jealous
and somehow, we're going to group hug now

mr chan didn't kill me for not doing srp
diversity is a disgusting chapter, the pictures are freakkishly disgusting
i miss jassy. - randomness-

i have no idea what the strawberry tribe thing is
something like ppl who can't take setbacks and stuff
chinese is boring. let the crapping begin

i slept during music for like 20 mins
i was super tired, and the symphony did not help at all in waking me up

lit. mr khairul is still out teacher
its super sad, we're getting NJJ as out new teacher.
i have not freakking idea who that is
lit was fun, he showed us the KEN LEE video
go search youtube for it, its super funny

and we were finally earlier than mr khoo for his lesson
the one man band video is also nicee
the girl is super cute, i like her chubby face

and science specialist is still a waste of time and money.
and justin wasn't there, so i had no one to call GAY.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

term 2 week1 day1
Monday, 17 March 2008

term 2 week 1 day 1
back to school, was almost late for attire check.
my hols hmk mostly undone.
i missed anderson, i missed 2/3, i missed 1/8
exchanged plasters with milo boy, i gave him a pooh plaster

new timetable, i'm super jumbled up.
1st period is now p.e.
mr singh at the army looking for mas selamat.
mr wang's his replacement. he is not cute okay!
had captains ball. its super fun,
but Mr Wang keeps and hitting the balls away from yi ting
i don't like him. he's extra!

we're super nicee to mr khoo today
i've not done my book cover, comprehension
went through the summary of term 2
it's going to be a boring term

mrs cheong is still not back,
went throught summary of term 2
there's chinese history this term.
its my saviour, i'm good at it
i am seriously a freak

math. subsitution is interesting
and i got full marks for my wksht
i feel smart. i got a smiley face on my wksht
and i understand ms ng's lesson

CME. ms ng again. its changing seats time.
no longer sitting with jassy.
1 year 1 term 1 day
so, at first i was sitting with zhi xiang,
then it was willy
then it was nathan
then it was yi ting
ms ng had the small talk thingy with the rest
she said my math deproved a lot!
i shall study super hard.

had dance prac. after school
we changed the dance again
its super nicee to me
1/8 boys were running in the fields again
i was super nicee to give them water.
v.ballers came to use the gym.
girls, must be more bhb, then you won't be affected my anyone/anything
and weixuan and hidhir almost hit me with the v.ball

waited for suwen and miloboy and hidhir opposite school.
its infested with cockroaches okay.
there are loads of cockroaches
and yes. i'm scared of cockroaches
so sry for the screaming
went to buy veggie with joyce
and milo boy and hidhir tagged along
i can't find my jellybeans!
and miloboy was being racist to hidhir

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Sunday, 9 March 2008

milo boy;
you promised me to miss me and tag everyday
and i shall miss you too
i shall see your tags when i'm back

yes, i miss you too
must buy stuff back for me

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Friday, 7 March 2008

trained to harbourfront;
i look super guai; jacket, harversack, fullscap pad, lime green sports shoes, guai kia hairstyle
meet yujia on the train
and wrote the emcee script for camp
met joyce, huiling and charlene at dhoby ghaut
joyce brought chocolate and muscle rub for me

vivo city was infested with andersonians
and i saw suwen and milo boy there
waited for the bus to go to sentosa
we squeezed on the bus with ncc and some andersonians
saw 1/8 when at tanjong beach, they have $1 bus service to there
walked all the way to the main tentage
my pulled muscle hurts like hell

camwhored with aqilah and the beautiful coconut tree
then had mass workout, although it was mini workout this time.
then sec 2 boys start running
applied one whole blob of muscle rub, before running
i didn't win anything this year, i'm super disappointed.
and my leg hurts more than ever, but at least i completed the race
and i came in 24/25 position, so, i shld be proud of myself

changed into guides tee,and went for guides duty
they didn't need help, so we went back
and valerie was showing me of to her friends.
yes. i am her second personal assistant

changed into class tee, was suppossed to have lunch
but they said cannot eat because we're playing captains ball
so i didn't; and i was super hungry

when sec 3/4's play captains ball, you feel scared
sec 1's are freakking serious and violent , you feel super scared
and it was like 1hr later that it was our turn
the sand was hot! we lost to 2/1; 3:2
it was a good game 2/3.ians, so don't feel disapointed
and i cheered for milo boy for bossaball.

was super sun burnt, even though i applied sun block like 2 times
cleared up the beach, then went to take bus
we cut queue, milo boy was standing there at first, but hidhir asked him to move to the back
milo boy and suwen was being super racist to hidhir
suwen realised he left his shoe bag behind, and he ran to get it
and we missed the bus, and had to rejoin the queue again.
took the nxt bus to vivo city and ate kfc
and they were forcing me to eat. even though i was super full
we were crapping at kfc for like 1hr +
and the sunburn is super itchy and painful.
it hurts like hell.
trained home with milo boy all the way to kovan
yes. i look like i'm blushing, at the cheeks and forehead and my hands

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Thursday, 6 March 2008

yes. it rained {drizzled}, so no attire check for 1/8

srp seems meaningless now, its like just a waste of time
there are experiments to be carried out during the hols
and even though i am damn busy, i have to do them
i feel pissed now. that was plain randomness
and we doodled all over joyce's hand

home econs. back to the sewing room.
there are memories there, the first time i ever used a sewing machine
and when i realised that makwaisiong is a bulliable person
the lesson was borring, but hitting waisiong with a ruler is fun
and so is poking him with a pen

i ate recess today, so i shall fast my lunch
i feel fat, eat so much. i shall excercise
and i still can't feel my calve muscles
cross country is tmr. eight position, here i come
if izzah allows me to run, that is

lame word riddles are fun.
{what goes up must come down}
{once in a blue moon}
{for instance}
and we won the quiz, oreo bars and gummy
yes. there are loads of hmk to be done

did english during chinese lesson
yes, i know i am not suppossed to do that
its called multi.tasking, listening to mr ang and doing eng. hmk at the same time

i forgot to bring graph paper.
we did quadratic graphs or something like that
its super easy, and i feel like a nerd now
i understand math for once.

lunch.ed with milo boy and suwen
and went for guides again.
extra.ed at the cultural dance thingy
valerie //ma'am// is making me write the emcee script
painted the oh so beautiful O3 flag; its nicee
and suddenly izzah called me to teach Joyce ballet
and valerie makes me her 2nd personal assistant; spongebob
1st task, teach joyce ballet
its suicidal teaching her how to dance,
its like mass workout x 10
and she was supposed to learn it in 5 mins, but we took 1/2 hr instead
i feel proud of myself, i taught a bulldog how to dance
and izzah is letting me and charlene run for cross country
joycelimwenxi, be prepared to give me 3 subway cookies and muscle rub.
i shall win 8th position, and my calve muscles better not hurt tmr

spongebob shall save the day,
by teaching the bulldog ballet;
i'm fascinated.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

pei hwa student council
the councillors there are nicee
jane, amanda, lynette, clayderman, christine, see swee, si xuan.
both of us were and entertaining ourselves
and we had a whole group of councillors at our table
Miss Gu and Mrs Dan are teaching at Pei Hwa Sec now
and i saw Irwintankinwei and Glendongohjiajun there
and the blazier is super thick.

back to the old hairstyle
i lugged the whole big bag of newspaper to guides,its super heavy.
suwen was late. and we had our first SPRINT meeting
1st sprint event, meet the parents session. and i can't go.
1/8 gave me their class tee, they are super sweet. print their class tee for me

went through science spectrum the whole lesson
its super boring. the countdown to invest. begins

maths, yes, my maths tuition is tmr
and i do not understand fractional equations
mak wai siong is my saviour, i understand what he explains

yes, i fasted for reccess again.
and i did maths hmk at the same time again
mr ang is like wearing a super big shirt
going through answers.
i tried to do, but didn't manage to.
ran to 3/1 to find zi ying to pass her the beautiful flag
and milo boy claims to have waved to me. but i nvr see
changed into white shirt and skirt
Jaslyn's shirt is nicee, its small
found higher court shoes to make me taller,but its super loose.
we went to find ms ng, then went to library to find wai siong
the look on their faces was priceless
especially brandonwooweijie, he was like, ' you look like my mum'
went back to council room and left the school
we felt like ultimate freakos , everyone was staring at us
and we got a cab very fast, $6 taxi fare.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'll be oh so heartbrokenn
Tuesday, 4 March 2008

its was drizzling in the morning, and the atmosphere is so sad
i was like super deadd
and i'm going to the investiture tmr
borrowed blazier, skirt,shirt, court shoes
we shall look nicee tmr somehow
Jaslyn looks super hot !

i think i pulled a muscle, it hurts freakking bad
captains ball is fun, and i fell and sort of injured my waist
it still hurts, p.e. is total violence today

was late for art again, even though we already walked up super fast
i got a1 for art, i feel pro.
justin was being a freakking gay, who cares about the negative comments peope say abt him
he is super obsessed with mz

i was fasting for recess again. tried doing math hmk.
i seriously need a tutor. i suck at math.
and so does half of the class.

electroplating is cool
we plated out coins and hairclip.
i was like super fascinated by it
and the series and parallel thingy we learnt in science specialist helps with the lesson
i feel smart.

mr khairul is freakkish
he made us do some relaxation thing
while playing some music
and i hugged and kissed aqilah. ( its on the cheek )
the best 6 word story there will ever be.
comments later. my stand is clear.
oh so inspired by ms ng

mr khoo is super weird today, he's funny
and he's better this way
i got b3 for english. i passed.
and we boo.ed kevin for not handing in his file
*after being hinted by Mr Khoo

and 1/8 is super terrible, mr foo had to scream at them

science specialist is a waste of money.
Bon voyage $120.
and justin was giving me his gay look again

to you, i may be bitchy. but who cares

you came and went.too soon
there wasn't time for me to bid goodbye

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Monday, 3 March 2008

i promised to smile, and i'll keep that promise
i won't cry anymore because of him, those tears
and that so called promise. you've lost my trust

march is a surprising month, it is.
with all the shocks i've gotten in the pass three days.

i'm half dead today, and izzah is tying our hairstyle
1 person. finally
and i might be going for pei hua invest. my 1st invest

maths, its starting to be a nice subject
i shall study super hard and get rid of my f9
my maths shall improve by term 2

we have a relief teacher now
i saw milo boy when i went to the locker
mr ang looks like benedict.teow and daniel.khong
we love his marker; its easy to rub off
and his lesson is boring, i crapped super loads
and i am super lame today

yes. and i fasted for recess.
i shall not be tempted. - i was super hungry-
the origami homework is hard
mountain fold, valley fold. i just copied it from joyce
its plain 'originality', i changed like a word or two

english, i was crapping with Jassy
we are all guilty of jay-walking
and we were giving each other lame instructions
for the english worksheet
jassy went for tournament. jiayouus :D

CME; we did maths hmk while ms ng talked to some of us
its weird when you talk one to one with her
like when she interviewed me last week. its super scary

geog. lesson is not nice anymore
i don't like mr fadzly
he's evil, don't let us talk

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Saturday, 1 March 2008

its totally not my day today
so many incidents and emotions
i'm messed up, seriously. i am

i saw your face again. after so long
but its no longer love i feel, but mixed feelings
you made me feel at the top of the world and then sent it crashing
you made me feel like a queen and then broke my heart
you have no idea how much i cried
and now i've finally got over you and now, you're back
with the same old question, expecting me to give you the same old
i'm confused, i'm hurt, i'm frustrated and you're the cause.
i've been shattered into a thousand pieces, my heart left with a deep
please, just leave me alone.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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