picture to burn,
Friday, 30 January 2009

this procastination has got to stop.
( yes, that is me. looks darnly different, but the heredity of the cheek fats remain )

worst day than expected, 'cause i didn't want to get up/out of that 5hrs + of sleep that i had, and went to school to start the day with receiving the new sprinters ( SPRINT IS THE LOVE ), hello newpeepo. long long discussion with exco/sprinters abt the newpeepo,

math lesson was boring yet easy at the same time, and english oracy is never to be mentioned again, reading period was more of chatting with abdul/damien/megaloser time, and chinese lesson was just plain weird, firstly, i have no freaking idea what on earth is a pixiu ( i think it is spelt like that - direct translation from chinese ) and cow idioms are stupid.

chemistry lesson, i like my micro-pipettes now, 'cause they are easy to work with, (:

lunched at bbt shop and chatted with ryan for a while (: SRP.ed all the way to 5 with waisiong before i headed off to guides to feel just super unwell ( like coughs, sorethroat, nausea ) heard many many bitchings and headed home :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

your love's so great,
Thursday, 29 January 2009

and i miss the moments that you were by my side.

awwww, xiu got her voice back :( okay i admit, i like bullying people w no voice, ( hahas megaloser at sec3 camp ;D ) bitched with bitchbo (: and i'm going to kidnap her moey one day :D

attended lessons, with cme once again being the homework clearing period, math was less taxing than yesterday as i managed to digest everything once i reached home, (: hahas my waidaoli works okay, (: and geography was usual,

2 hours of mrK is still the best part of the day and we ended with physics :D

rushed over for srp @ 2.10, thanks miloodearest for the lunch :D and bitched with bitchbo once again (: though the world is still screwed and effed up, everything's still going to be alright, (: went off to ljs for official lunch and went home for tuition :D

to do list : english oracy report, math homework, physics, geography.

and my daddy is back :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

don't go breaking my heart
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

and i won't let you go no matter what,

and today's not a typical day, started the day celebrating suen's birthday :D hahas happy 16th suen :D and after that whining to aqilahbitchbo and sharmini, i miss my bitchbo a lot. hahas, and after 4 days away from megaloser, her first sentence to me was " hahas, hello loser. "

history lessons, surprisingly was the only lesson that i was kept awake and happy, and after that mood got super super bad. pe lessons, started off quite okay, till momo decided to give me a mikasa/mizuno ball which are hardddd, that it hurts whenever it hits you. and got super mad at him at another matter that i ended up ignoring him. ( yeahh all the drama ) and suddenly balls just started flying everywhere and i got whacked in almost every possible place and yes it hurts real bad especially when it comes to super hard volleyballs.

math lesson killed me, 'cause he was just simply blabbering while we were all trying to keep up. yes, for once he's lessons are important and he's teaching at a super fast pace.

recess, and bio lesson, and english which marked the end of day. and srp-ed after that.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'm in love with a boy,
Tuesday, 27 January 2009

rain or shine, i'll be there through it all.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

the scars will heal,
Monday, 26 January 2009

i'm in no need of your sympathy,

happy chinese new year everyone (: texted ryan till 3am, hahas 'cause i didn't feel like sleeping yet, (: finally found someone who sleeps as late as i do. and my ipod earpiece got spoilt , again :(

so left the house early to go to to relative's house, and watched the japanese hanakimi at their house (: ended up magazine flipping for 1 hr ++ before the rest of the cousins came, spent hours there before i went home to watch taiwan drama serials and to do homework (:

1. logarithms
2. bio; cell notes
3. practice math.

we're going to mrC's house tmr :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

no one,
Saturday, 24 January 2009

we'll set aside all our differences and our inhibitions,

( the settlers people (L) )

it's my first time officially attending service after the change which took place three weeks ago, i miss worshiping with cell in servicee. hahas, and chingay people ( yinx and jingyi (: ) jiayouus for chingay parade :D

i miss my darrientong darhling kiddo, hahas. (: meeting, lunch, home.

i don;t want tomorrow to be a boring dayyyy. someone excite my life tyvm (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

here today and gone tomorrow,

with fingers crossed, pray that AJTC won't clash with NY trip.

my first week going to official RR meeting at an ER, hello new friends :D life is kinda fun as an ER, 'cause the way we operate is officially different from how we used to as an AR, and currently, i've got no responsibilities except for enrollment service on 14feb :D

dinnered with 7 others at settlers :D hahas, played super retarded games where all of us were thoroughly embarrassed by all the stupid things that we had to do, yes, it took a lot of courage. so everyone's a winner :D

trained back with allison, dilys, joshua and changxiang (:

(all pictures with dilys :D )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

when it all comes together ,
Friday, 23 January 2009

seizing the day, cherishing every second i have.

CNY celebrations in school, hahas many pretty people in school :D super embarrassing walking around school in a cheongsam, but i'm all over it now. lessons were okay, but i almost died of boredom in math lesson, 'cause he goes sooo slowww that he takes 5 mins to explain a point when i understand it in 1 min. yeahh, and there's nothing to do when we're w/o wkst's.

english, i got 20/30 for my composition :D hahas ( super unfair, wenjie got the same mark and his one is being printed as a model essay ) anyways, i'm a happy girl now, 'cause i thought that i would screw up my compo :D

celebrated cici's birthday during the 1hr recess, hahas happy advanced birthday cici :D and i don't like you 'cause you kept smearing cake into my face ( okay so i did take my revenge, but still (: ) i like seeing the reaction from lowlow when she gets cake on her face, but i dislike the part of christine and cici getting cake on my face.

met bryant and megaloser jiaqin was texting me while i was waiting for the old folks to come :D hahas MEGALOSER ( you ruined the infocomm video (: ), CNY performance was kinda messed up though,

guides meeting, lunch at bbt shop where i talked to ryan, atiqah, zul and aqilah ( bitchbo (: i miss you darhling ) went back for science experiment with aqilah joining us (L) and we made mrC assure us that we would go to NY if we join science spec ( but really besides NY, i think science spec will be fun (: )

went to watch movie with srpgroup + bitchbo (: hahas, bride wars is a nice show (: hahas, ate yoghurt and went home (: i love you guys (:

happy advanced birthday cici :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'd draw a smile,
Thursday, 22 January 2009

life was a bore, apart from the many good things happened today.

successfully completed my exponential equations wkst and rememorised the history map in cme period, and it dragged on slightly into math where we learnt log.

geography period :D hahas, i got model answer for a question :D hahas, but i still wonder why he didn't put an 'good' there, and i got 5/6 for the plate tectonics test, 'cause i made a kuku mistake and identified the Andes mountains at the Himalayans ( embarrassing mistake ) and i don't know what possessed him to call the other 2 c/sheryl's, c/sheryl. but call me suwen, as in 素闻 and not 苏文 ( ohh i can find my name on google :D ),

passed my hist. map test with full marks (: and hist lesson was entertaining, ( as usual ), (: chem/physics lessons were okay.

CIP, okay was totally not looking forward to it from the start, but it wasn't as terrible as i expected, 'cause the house was considerably clean and pohseng was helping me :D tyvm :D

and i lugged a whole stack of books home to study over the CNY period :D

my parents are letting me go to NY yo (: and i may be joining science spec.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

chose love, not abuse.
Wednesday, 21 January 2009

it's just a momentarily suppression of those thoughts of despair.

finished completing all the homework at 1.10am,

'celebrated' jassy's birthday, passed her the pressie, happy 15th darhling (: and lessoned, it was quite okay, 'cause i completed the homework that i needed to complete. life went on as usual, and all of us were freaking out over the geog mini 6 mark test and practicing drawing the diagrams a lot, and i just can't seem to draw nice mountains in diagrams, and all the english band1 students all crazy over the orcay report thingy,

and i never ever imagined that i would be so into science and tech. , like now almost all of my time is spent in the micro-bio lab with the bio-nerds experimenting on our fuel cell. and it's like i've got almost all of my hopes pinned onto this project, and it's sunk so deep into me that it's just pure joy to find out that we're going in the right direction and that we're one step closer to succeeding, the micro-bio lab has become like my second home, and now it's just like everything that happens in there is going to be a lifechanging moment of my life.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

it's a simple joy beyond comprehension,

it's a good/nicee happy day today :D

lessons started out quite crapishly, 'cause i was just dead tired, ( recap, i fell asleep while trying to do ss, and woke up at 4am ), yeahh, so attitude was kinda terrible in the morning, and it slowly became better after each lesson, and after i finally 'woke up'.

homework is slowly killing me, 'cause now i practically have something to do for every subject and it's really a lot if i attempt to do it all at once, it's really frustrating to have just piles and piles of homework to do.

but thankfully i had many more nicee/wonderful moments than bad/sucky ones, 'cause i actually miraculously understand surds :D hahas,

and stupid jiaqin mega loser :D thanks for making me laugh at your retardedness and lameness the whole day :D ( hahas, fyi if you can't actually infer this, i mean that you're super retarded and lame )

SRP didn't appear as crappish as ever, 'cause we finally got our first good news in weeks of doing the experiment, we finally managed to know that the chloroplasts are active (: ( okay it means that our experiment is going the right direction. ) and we got the news that we are eligible to go for NYtrip with the science nerds, $3500, ( i'm like begging my parents to let me go, 'cause i want to go to NY sooooo bad. )
math almost killed me, 'cause i was super tired and i still had to complete all that crapish math.
currently; doing physics, english oracy and learning geog plate tectonics,

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

hello, i think that the whole world is screwedd.
Sunday, 18 January 2009

it's like the world's moving too fast, and i'm just hanging to this thin breakable thread, i'm trying my best to not be left behind, yet no matter how hard i try, i'll never be there where i can just say that everything is okay. and i'm finding it difficult to stop and take a breather, 'cause every second counts, and i can't afford any of that. screww life.

life sucked real bad today, i've got such a huge and massive pile of homework, and it really sucks, 'cause i try constantly to complete it yet come to such a complete failure each and every time, and what the teachers teach make no sense to me, esp math.

he gives us the questions w/o explaining how todo, he doesn't show us the working todoublecheck, he has no heck of an idea what's the answer and i think i'm really going to screw up my math this year.

and the only thing that made me like smile for today, was the 100marks for my chinese spelling, momo ( hahas you retarded little thing ) and milooo (:

sry people if i actually attituded you guys 'cause i'm just like suffering from a major lack of fatigue and with all the frustration from studying 9subs, it's going to go on like that sometimes.

and life after i reached back at kovan sucked, quarrels, arguements, just cried alot, like it's the first time this year being like this, and i really hate the feeling of people staring at me, but i really just couldn't help it, decided to run away for a while and all i did was sat at the deserted part of the mrt station and attempt doing my pile of homework under such conditions, ( don't bother asking abt it okay, this is all i want to reveal. )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

coming back to the heart of worship.

slightly more energetic today after getting a lot of rest last night, but i still have heck of a lot of tiny little parts of my homework that i have to clear, anyways, gkids was awesome, 'cause my darhlingdarien is finally w/o his emoness and attitude :D hahas, i love my kiddo.

went for cellg for abt 1/2 hr before i headed off to TC for outpost19's COA, met some familliar faces there, :D

went home, studied, danced, masscleanup, :D

to do list;
1. memorise the other half of the map
2. surds,
3. geography hmk,
4. physics
5. social studies

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

have you ever been in love,
Saturday, 17 January 2009

i think i've been too tired to realise that it's saturday, and i only just thought of it when i received the sms about cellg and church tmr, or maybe it's the fact that i went to school and studied and reached home after 7.

i'm bloody tired now, 'cause i woke up at 6+ and went to school at 8, had to do a lot of guides things including trying to set up the pathetic quadrapod, and doing hall duty along with the ribbon cutting thingy, and promoting guides,

and i've got a big giant bruise at the place where the quadrapod hit me, it hurts real bad, :(

went out to study with miloodearest, i get hyper at the sight of worksheets and textbooks, though that excitement is only shortlived, it's better than none :D


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

for i've got the best of both worlds
Friday, 16 January 2009

hello lessons today were kinda crappish, and i'm partially lost at surds now, 'cause somehow what mrW tried to explain in 1 hr did not cover the parts that i was lost at. so, i shall just work harder ( like boxer. :D )
and i think i'm turning into a whole diff person, i actually bothered to even try to learn my chinesespelling, and i think i suck at writing compo's cause i can't even write simple words w/o the help of a dictionary, okay so maybe i'm screwedd
chemistry, was just compowriting time + mulittasking and trying ot listen to her and copy the lenghty answers,
cca open house is tmr yo :D hahas, guides guides guides :D
3/1'09 loveeee (♥)

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

take away the pain
Thursday, 15 January 2009

i'm helping out with the children's club at sengkang CC :D

CME was pretty suckish, i guess all of us were just studying/doing homework ( hahas, this is the 3/1 method of keeping ourselves occupied ),

and i almost thought that i would have died in math, 'cause mrW goes at a super slowwww pace when it comes to teaching, and he beats a whole round the bush before he gets to the point ( and apparantly, along the way, we all get lost/left behind at some point, so we choose to ignore him from the start ) hahas, i don't really like add. math.

geog :D hahas, nicee lesson, and i'm missing out on a whole bunch of notes, like i've got 5 out of the 10, while momo only has 3. i like the fact that i actually understand what mrF says, 'cause it makes me feel less hopeless :D

2hrs of mrK's lesson, and i think history is bloody. like literally 'cause that's what i can infer after watching the video ' the last samurai ' during his lesson, he's superrrr entertaining, and i've got a whole stack of notes in my 3 big jumbo files now, :D

physics, okay i think it's retarded, 'cause we end school at 2.10 when others end at 1.10 and we were running over the school doing the physics thingy and with people looking at us like we're mad, 'cause they probably think that school's out and we have some delusion that it's not.


ohh, and i finally managed to take a shot of the chloroplasts from the microscope view :D


and momo sucks at art bigtime ( refer to pic above :D ) and is still my pet bear :D

classtee discussion, srp, populared, ljs.ed, scrapbooked, home :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

what hurts the most,
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

random statement: i'm going to overdose myself with hot chocolate now,

i like my new specs :D hahas, 'cause it's my new best friend during lessons ( the one which makes me look nerd and more attentive (: ) and i paid super loads of attention in class today, maybe it's because lessons were super amusing from the start :D mrKKKKK :D

thanks to all those who equipped me with the art of using the microscope (: hahas, for once, i think bio lesson was not total crap, but actually quite amusing, and cheek cells are gross.

and i've got a lot of money flying away recently due to all the file buying and everything. i feel like i'm kinda bankrupt now with only less than $30 in my wallet.


i've come to a realisation that some of my guides seniors treat me really really well, awwww. hahas to think that i've neglected this fact for such a long time, maybe it's time to reflect once again.


camwhoring with crazy samantha (: and cynthia :D


awwww, darhling's. i'll miss you a lot when you guys step down, :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i need a love that's true.
Tuesday, 13 January 2009

i'm dead tired yet super hyped up, i'm emo yet super happy, pretty not so screwed up day today though,
1. i think bio is the most interesting science there ever is,
2. i like the fact that english was reading period :D
3. glenn better watch his mouth or shutthehellup
4. i like express chinese
5. wayang is not a good idea for EFL.
6. a*math is starting to suck real bad yo,
7. i'm finally going to name my books tmr :D
sleeping is the best thing ever yo, hahas (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

catch me when i fall,
Monday, 12 January 2009

felt rich today ( big big smiley face :D )

i'm madly in loveee with my locker now, ( though i just can't seem to remember my locker no. and combi. ), 'cause i saved me the massive massive trouble of lugging everything to school and home, and it's just outside my classs :D

and i want a nicee big fat a1 when i receive my olevel chinese next year, hahas, i need to improve yo. ( i'm better in reading that same paragraph which i totally humiliated myself in chinese class that day. )

starting to konk out after attempting to better understand math and physics, 'cause it's just like all i happen to know is that teacher's are like zooming so fast and so indept into the topics that we're all left there clueless and lost, we all have to work harder yo. (:

lessoned, olevelresults, lunched, srp.ed, popular.ed, kfc.ed ( guess who's idea )

overheard this conversation in the bus on the way home; someguy and his colleague ( 'cause they both wear Mcdonalds uniform ) and he took her phone and started scanning through the pictues,

wg ( weird guy ); who's that
rc ( random colleague ); my friend
wg; her name?
rc; *blahblah*
( moves on to next picture )
wg; who's this
rc; my friend
wg; and this one
rc; my friend
wg; who's prettier
wg; oh wait who's the prettier one
( wg gives out a gay laugh and continues )

and it's scary walking in the alley thingy at 7.40pm.

with love, cheryl.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

you mean the world to me,
Sunday, 11 January 2009

past memories are beautiful, i want them back, yes, each and every part of it.

think the impact of being in school is finally getting to me, and it's not a good feeling to have chunks of homework not done , while facing difficulty trying to adapt to the new life that i have or just simply trying to pretend that i clearly understand every single word being blabbered out of the mouth of the teacher, cause honestly some of it i just can't comprehend.

i've just grown sick of how people treat one another, 'cause i can't even feel the basic respect that each and every one should deserve, like all that's left is a screwedd up mindset of the present.

and i'm stuck with this stupid crappish 'sexy' voice now, after flaring up time and time again at the sec1's, and shouting at them with the rest of the councillors just trying to gain their attention for a mere second but to no avail.

darn, i think i sound like a horse with this voice,

but still, thanks to all my darhling kiddo's and cellgroup peepo that made my day tolerable :D

with love, cheryl.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

don't need those empty promises,
Saturday, 10 January 2009

hello :D this are all long-owed camp shinee photos :D

and today was a horrible day, woke up super late, 'cause my bloody alarm didn't go off and i had to like literally run out of the house 'cause i was still at home at 12, and i had a severe shortage of cash, 'cause i only had 10bucks in my wallet and mum's spare money was only left with 4bucks, and i somehow managed to get 20bucks, so i left the house with that money and taxi-ed to guidesHQ, and it's bloody hard to get a taxi.
rushed over and paid my 30bucks fee for the course, when i realised the guider wasn't there yet, and i was like early 'cause i arrived t 12.4o and she came at 1.30.
hahas, i know how to make pineapple jam :D
course ended and when to windowshop with cici, peijun and sharon. i've got my niu year wishlist :D hahas, i want an adidas jacket and new shoebag , gymbag, a super super bling cap :D
and i feel so dumb now 'cause i realised that i had 50bucks at home all this while.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

aeroplanes are th new love,
Friday, 9 January 2009

back from sec3 camp and end of sec1 orientation,
bloggings in the morning :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

the haunting of the spirit,
Tuesday, 6 January 2009

i'm bloody tired now, 'cause i can't think properly now and my brain is partially asleep and my eyelids are heavy and draggy.

i was left to die slowly w/o my beloveddd phonneeee, having to go through all the periods that i could have smsed in w/o smsing, i shall never ever forsake my phone ever ( raises up three fingers and swears to myself (: )

i feel stupid now, it kinda makes no sense that i attended 3 badgepinningevents in anderson in my 3 years in anderson, stupid tie exchange duty.. ( this is what happens, sec1 has a fugly tie on, i see it and feel like laughing my head off but can't cause it's rude to laugh, and i rip off my tie and exchange it with them and while they are on stage we re-tie the tie and exchange it back after they come down from stage w/o being embarrassed ) duty is tough ( fullstop ) and i ordered the lockkkerr thingy :D

went back to 3/1 for math indices assignment, and saw the present on the table (: eeyore :D hahas thanks yiting darhling :D had english after that, and super stupid okay, went to 3/5 'cause it said on the paper being passed around yesterday, then they said it was for band 3 students so went up to 3/3, and was like 3 mins into lesson when joyce told me msS said i was in band1 which was in 3/1 :D hahas, so my english is not that hopeless after all.

recess, and chinese after that, doodled a lot and it was super embarrassing okay, like how we expected me to be able to read some stupid unknown passage and between every 5 words or so i'll be,

" ehh, joyce how to read. / laoshi wo bu hui du lahhs, jiao qi ta ren ke yi ma ? "

chem lesson was dumb and had ss, and cas gave me my pressie too (: thanks :D

freestyler :D:D:D it's kinda crappish though, i still think lose my breath is nicee (: but my nightfever's still the best yo. (:

danced and danced and danced and danced, like until i was all perspire-ry and stuff, headed up to find the srp peopo, grabbed my stuff and was making my way down when kohkia dragged me to do some dance for 1/4, hahas.

bimbo-ed, laughed, music-ed, gay-ed out with carmina, danced, shouted.

and went home with miloodearest :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

when it all starts unravelling
Monday, 5 January 2009

happy 11th month milooo (:
and happy birthday shuhui (:

i don't like schooling days, i miss the hols ( or at least sec 2 life ), 'cause i realised it's darn tiring being a uppersec student, and the bloody part is that i don't even feel like i'm an uppersec student at all. awww,

anyways, the day started horrendously, 'cause unknowingly, i wore green socks to school, super dumbbbbbb. ( yes i admit i'm a super blurr sotong to have did that on the first official day of school ), anyways i survived the ordeal :D

hahas was dying to see the super tutti frutti photo's from the handbook, hahas AWKWARD. it's not as nerdish as i thought it would turn out to be, but still it's not nice knowing that everyone in anderson has those pictures. arhhhh, rantsssss.

first official lesson of the year, social studies with mrK, ohhhmyyygawdddd, hahas he's weird yet nicee yet kinda scary yeahh. and we need a lot of fileeeeessss, like those super uber thick ones. and he just gave us the whole stack of past 8 years O/Nlevel papers. i which makes me go back to the point where i think he's crazy, yeahh.

geography, mrfadz :D:D:D, and bio, mrArthurLim, ahhh, i've got one big giant baby teacher, maybe because he looks kinda similiar to joshuayeoo ( you know the cute 2 year old i take care of ), and the most crappish part is that his luohanyu and some orchid thingy is still stuck in my head unable to get out.

chinese period sucks shit. 'cause the teacher is boring, loserish, can't tell good jokes and has a vivid imagination that we all can't seem to comprehend. well, i guess i'm going to fail my chinese this year.

anyways, i understand fractional indices, but mrW made me confused with it by going one big round before getting to the point. hahas, and mrN saved me from dying of boredom. tyvm (:

after school;
srp-ed, peerled, councildanced, rehearsed, died, wenthome, (:

i've got geog homework to dooo. lalalalalas.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

prove your identity '09
Sunday, 4 January 2009

i'm back :DDDDDDDDDD

hello, i missed my blog. awwww, anyways, i think it's real stupid 'cause i just ended camp today and there's school tmr and sec3 camp next weds again. and i have to see my guides for 6 more days before we finally take a breather of one day and see them for the next 5 days again.

( ignoring the training camp parts ), reached back school at 1.40++, and my back+shoulders and all my hand muscles ( whatever they are called, before i finally learn the correct term they are called in bio lesson, ) were aching and it's not nice tohave to lift some shitass heavy stuff when you're in this condition.

seniors talked, and i finally got back my phone with super alot of missed calls, and 15++ msgs to reply, attempted replying all the msgs at one, and hell i hate the fact that i decided to go take part in the tutti-frutti photoshoot for the hb, i wanna see the photo's lahh, 'cause i think the whole world has seen it except for me,

went home, and i fell asleep while like attempting to unpack, insufficient amount of rest from camp ( 2.5hr + 4 hr + 4hr compared to like 18hr + 17hr+ 6hr of training ) i'm not looking forward to school tmr, 'cause it means i have to wake up early again and i'll be busy after school with orientation and council danceeee (:


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Saturday, 3 January 2009

cheryl is coming back tmr (:







Lots of ♥, Cheryl

it's a sweet new beginning
Friday, 2 January 2009

Hello peepo (:

cheryllimsuwen's at camp once again, yes i'm a camp freak like what yingx said, i like camping okay, ( apart from the fact that i desperately did not want to go for this camp, but yeahh, i still like camping alot. )

it's the first day at school, hahas, i cannot believe that i need to say to my sec 1 orientation class,

" hi, i'm cheryl and i'm sec 3 this year in 3/1. "
i'm a 3/1ian. ( i'm not quite sure how to pronounce that. )
anyways, hello new classmates if you even see this (:
my name is cheryl, 29nov, girl guide/student councillor ( SPRINNNT (: ) i suck at math and chinese, so you guys should all come together to help me, if not i'll pull down the class msg score, and i'm good at geo though ( and momo's good in history. ) ohh and btw, momo = justinngthianhuat is my tamagotchi lookalike pet, yeah. so bully him for all you want, 'cause that's what i always do to him (:
i like not listening to boring teachers, irritating mrC, eating in class and smsing in class ( though it's ultra ultra forbidden ), i hate mrC when he irritates me, when i have to read some stupid chinese passage to the class, when we have extralessons till some god damn time and having tons and tons of homework that i can't comprehend.
hahas, so lets all just get down to work and turn nerdish tyvm (:
cheryl's at camp lalalalas, but she scheduled posting for the next few dayyys (:
;D ( gay smiley face. )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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Haililly Hui Fang Hui Ling

Izzah n Anna

Jetaime Jun Xuan Justin Jaslyn Jasmine Jesslyn Jin Hong Jing Yi Jia Ning Janice Jassy Jerald Johnathan Jing Fang Jaini Joshua Jing Wen

Kevin Kellyn Kristine Kuan Ting Kelly

Lovel Louisa Liting Leon Lynette

Melvin Magdeline Ming Zhen

Nafeeshah Natalie Nicholas Norman Nichola

Pearl Pei Shi Phoenicia Pei Ling Puay Ying

Qian Ci Quraisha

Rui Ting Rachel Rui ting Ranjini

Sprint Sharon bugger Sarah Shirley Syairah Sheryl Serene Si Rong Si Yun Swastruck Sylvia

Tay Lin Tiffany

Victoria Valerie Venice Vicky

Woei Jiun Woei Chyi Woei Ling Wei Xuan Wei Xin

Xin Lin Xiu Ming Xi De Xiu Hui Xiu Qi

Ying Xin Yoke Kwan Yan Ting Yu Yun Yu Hui Yun Jin Yu Jun Yu Jia

Zariel Zi Yun Zhan Rong Zhi Xiang

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