i'll not stand in your way
Monday, 31 May 2010

tired :( but i had an awesome night @ transcendance,
dances and dancers were incredible, super envious of how darn good the hiphop crew is, heh, it's okay NRA, HERE I COME !! spending time with jQ was super fun and retarded, all retarded/ghostly shots are in her cammie cam so i'll upload them on fb tmr because her dear com crashed :D

first night of hol's have been well spent, (L)

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

every hello comes with a goodbye
Sunday, 30 May 2010

many changes took place today,
and part of me doesn't know what to say or how to respond anymore.
it's really sickening how things have to keep changing,
it's really sickening how it always has to be someone whom i hold dear leaving,
it's really sickening how it happens so frequently,
i hate it, but what can i say.
it's not for me to decide,
besides, it's for the best.
change is constant, but God never changes.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

eclisse teist
Saturday, 29 May 2010

kayaking 1 course down,
fibre glass cuts all over but not as intense as last week because of the body butter provided my our instructor, but other than that, i can feel a gigantic bruise forming at my hip from hauling the kayaks, and i pulled a thigh muscle and snubbed a finger during one capsize drill. ugly tan line's not gone yet but yeah i had a lot of fun with all the other ER's :D

can you believe it? haha i'm like doing homework now :O

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

gold and glitter
Friday, 28 May 2010

Chuck: Why should i be chosen to be an usher.... 'cause i'm Chuck Bass.

holidays, without all the crazy amount of homework and stuff, is awesome.
well. i'm not really looking forward to all the extra lessons and extra extra lessons the school has planned out on saturdays as well as the thought of the olvl's soon approaching, but yeah the holidays are still going to bloody awesome because i'll have time to rest and study even more and read more :D

crashed out at 6 yesterday and slept all the way to this morn, where i attempted doing some homework before going out for dinner and shopping. (:

kayaking tmr :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

joie de vivre
Monday, 24 May 2010

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

break down our pride, all the walls we've build up inside
Sunday, 23 May 2010

youth global day of prayer.
serving in the chorale is really a vastly different experience, i think i've never ever jumped that much in a day in my life, yes it was super tiring and i think we were all trying to smile and jump and sing and dance and not pant through it all, but it's a really great feeling that you get when we're up there on stage leading the youth gathered there in a time of praise and worship.

i truly believe that God has blessed the youth of our nation abundantly and it's really His heart for all of us youth to arise and fulfill the destiny that he has planned for us. standing in that very moment where everyone lifted up whatever they wanted to offer to God onto Him was a very moment, and i believe that with everything we have offered up to him, we will shout for God's glory and his praise in all of this earth. :)

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

rock, paper, scissors
Friday, 21 May 2010

just changed my stupid bed sheet and quilt cover, it's stupid because the bed is so big and heavy, hehe but i still like it and i want to buy lots and lots of pillows and pile them all on my massive bed :D along with the massive decoration :D
and i wanna learn how to drive and get my own car, like that's going to happen anytime soon

yays, rangers starts again tmr with the kayaking course for the ER's :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

one day we'll find ourselves right back here
Thursday, 20 May 2010

past, present, future.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

le beau rivage
Tuesday, 18 May 2010

back at davids after a month, samuel wasn't there :( but other than that everything was pretty good, haha amazing how most of the kids remember me, and they're like so cute :D mummy brought alicia to look for me in the n4 room, brought her in for a bit and she looked fascinated and didn't wanna leave, haha so adorable right!!

ygdop chorale rehearsals, totally EPIC. cellies all laughing and jumping and dancing off beat to the music, okay everyone was. ahhhh haha, think it's going to be super funny on the actual day.

left earlier with yingx to head down to plmgs for bethel's service, circle lined from paya lebar to serangoon, it's really super awesome now with the circle line, like travel time from church to home has been reduced by like half, :D sat with wbf during service before walking home in the rain,

school, home and woodlands-woodlands. heh ran into yongchian twice there, haha guess the west is really his territory. headed down with cellies for the nycb appasionata concert at rp to support sharkky :D haha i'm totally in love with the jazz band and the double bassist. trained back with tb, yingx, and ex rosythian GE peeps, circle line makes everything so much easier for us though we still ended up reaching kovan area back at 11.30.

school as usual, dinner with adeline (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

once upon a fairytale
Monday, 17 May 2010

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

chasing cars
Saturday, 15 May 2010

yesterday, sports carnival, tcm and hci talk before heading over to dhoby to meet JERALD JOSEPH LAM JIA LE for lunch and starbucks (:

today's a good day :D and i totally forgot that it was a saturdayyy, my oh my, i need rangers to get my life back on track.

went over to jw's house in the morning, haha i'm like so familiar with the buangkok area now thanks to that girl, went to shop&save to get out movie supplies and i swear we bought so much food and ate and pigged out throughout the whole movie marathon (: watched, jennifer's body, the stepfather and sorority row, thought we were in for some serious horror but apparently not,

took bus 80 to aljunied for ER dinner (: visit to my aljunied library and char grill :D hehe and i finally managed to spend time with wbf after so many weeks :D yays to that,

okay tmr's going to be a longgg day, gkids, chorale prac, bethel service. hehe :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

living it out
Wednesday, 12 May 2010

freedom is awesome,
i swear mugging for bio can kill, slept at 2.30 last night and woke up at 6ish to continue the 9plus chapters that i wasn't done with yet. so i've beeen pretty much running on only 3.5hrs of sleep, tired.

i'm off to bed hehe :D toodles!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

tied together with a smile
Monday, 10 May 2010

 2 more days, freedom never tasted this sweet.

eyebags are getting bigger and that means my small eyes are getting even smaller (yes it's possible), worst part's that my eyes are dry ttm so it hurts like total crap, and i'm like sick again, bad cough and i can't breathe all that well too, haha stop complaining about how noisy i am in the hall during papers la, i got no choice also. i want my proper sleep and not having to wake up at like 4am in the morning to do my last minute mugging. my dear queen sized bed, i miss spending some good quality time with you.

4 more papers go go go!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Sunday, 9 May 2010


today's kiddo day for me :D spent time playing with alicia, who stole my bangle and ran all about again, jeanelle, shirley & eugin's kid who likes me alot and actually recognizes me, and my daivds n4 kiddos, samuel's so cuteeee and ignez finally bothered to hug me today :D

other than that, i've been in no mood of any to study for exams, so terrible :( left with 4 more chapters of geog to go and it's like 10.44 already, bleh, i'm super super tired even getting quite a substantial amount of rest already.

3 more days 3 more days.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

we burst into rainbows and laughter
Friday, 7 May 2010

but the voice of truth tells me a different story
the voice of truth says do not be afraid
the voice of truth says this is for my glory
out of all the voices calling out to me,
i will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.

TGIF, yes i really mean it.
midyears really suck, like it's my most intensive mugging session in a long time, hehe can't believe we started with 14 papers and now there's 6 left to go (: yes we have one more bio paper more than the others but it's alright! hang in there fourone <3 haha life after exams will be mad awesome, kayaking 1 star, hci dance concert, eastern powwow, sentosa, www ahh the list goes on and on, :D okay swimming tmr morning w jw, and my abs are getting build up (: trust me the muscle forming exercises are like blooody painful but worth it :D kid nation FTW (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

imagination makes us infinte
Wednesday, 5 May 2010

dreams aren't going to come true if we do nothing to pursue it,
similarly, IBZ in NP and BA in NUS won't come to me if i don't work hard
mug your heart out.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

God amazes me with the way he works in my life,
how everything that happened in the past is now coming together to piece itself together,
forming such a magnificent big picture and making so much sense to me, 
i never thought that they would actually link up this way, but now i see
indeed His ways are above my ways.
guess this moment's really worth everything that i've given,
well there's been a breakthrough in my life, and now i truly stand amazed by Him

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

T'es belle
Sunday, 2 May 2010

love the bangles esther got me from dubai :D ahh love love love, thanks dear


seriously i think it's like my second most awesome self inflicted wound so far, first is the puncture wound that i made in my leg with a pen that one time, absolutely retarded. why am i such a klutz? just looking at the amount of cuts/scrapes on my legs alone, i've already got like 6 and i can't even remember how i got them. heheh, but i'm really god-like to be able to step on the earring. yes it was a giraffe earring and i was still looking at the stud when it was embedded to the bottom of my leg like wondering why it was there before i realized it was causing all the pain.
okay it hurts, :( is it supposed to be like this?

ahaha, anyways my small kiddos are so cute, hehe :D visited them today because i missed them so much and they were like " cheryl jiejie i very long never see you le leh.", "dancing jiejie why you never dance today? " (HAHA YES SOME OF THEM CALL ME THE DANCING JIEJIE, SO ADORABLE RIGHT?) and samuel my favouritest of all ran from across the room, jumped and hugged me and went " jiejie i remember you :D you got miss me or not?" ahhhh, i totally wanted to serve today but i couldn't because i was wearing my bandage skirt :( 2 more weeks before going back to davids and gonna be attending bethel's service for the next 6 weeks of service :D 

haha, conrad's being so cute and retarded at the same time (: ahh my wbf is awesome ttm :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

fragments and hearts
Saturday, 1 May 2010

twittered: Saturdays don't feel right without rangers
like seriouslyyy, i miss going to rangers on saturday, week just doesn't feel complete w/o it :(

sleeping in on a sat morn is like the total highlight of my week. hehe awesomeness :D

blech, but apart from that, i haven't done much studying today, just some math and physics :( oh my crap, what is wrong with me, tsk tsk. nvm i'm gonna study physical geog and physics now and try to be a good girl

and this kiddo is simply awesome, small kiddo dancers ftw :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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