i'm no puppet of yours,
Saturday, 28 February 2009

i need to breakaway,

hectic day once again, school for leadershiptalk which didn't suck that badly today, stupid kenny couldn't believe i'm sec3 . headed down to ECP to witness baptism of leon and gab :D hahas, and waited for them to lunch at macs before heading back to church for actual RR. CRR and dinner with ER's.

i don't like appearing vulnerable, that's why i fake how i feel, i see no point in crying, but i just can't hold it in any longer, what's life? this screwed up thing that always goes against your will?

i hate all these stupid prejudices that you make about me, those thoughts that i can never succeed, that i can never achieve anything. i don't need you to tell me that i can never be good enough for you, 'cause i don't need to prove anything to you more, i really don't.

just let me drift away for a spilt second.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'll stay strong,
Friday, 27 February 2009

( i'm still not over the rainbow craze, so yeahh bear with it (: )

OMG i'm so retarded, i slept yesterday from 7+pm all the way to this morning, guess insufficient rest over the past few days and i finally succumbed to it yesterday. (but thank god i don't fall asleep/not pay attention during lesson)

headed off to school super super alive and energetic, and had math, english lesson - partial debate + english grammar test , and chinese lesson. physics test didn't suck as bad as i thought it would be,

after school was kinda crazy, cleaned up council room with sprint, and lunched at mos burger with momo and joyce (: hahas, helped with coy2 initiative for the whole i guides, and i'm not happy cause i got scalded by the green bean soup :(

( super over-due pics from sentosa with txcs )
mini meeting with seniors till 8.20 before i headed to AMKhub to settle phone stuff and reach home at 9.

( i'll love you all, my dearest guides :D )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

rainbows are in the sky to show that his promises are true,
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

(there are double rainbows, but the 1st one is too faint, aww, it's super pretty :D )

i love weds 'cause school starts late (: did patrolling duty in the morning, and oh my gosh it is so retarded but quite cool at the same time, hist lesson started the day, and i think i screwedd up my hist paper on monday.

v.ball, got this stupid big giant blue black on my back now thanks to some people, tsk tsk. and we came in second in the v.ball competition (: lessons for the rest of the day and had to ignore the stares of many ( i have no reason why you keep staring at me, do you? ) before we started SRP and tested out our new fuel cell, (: lunched at pepperlunch before heading home (:

i'm amazed at how i actually manage to survive the day on just a mere 4-5hrs of sleep each day,
and i love the way god always seems to find a way to show me how much he loves me (:

to do list: practice math, study physics, prepare for invest tmr :D

" for even the prettiest of rainbows emerged from the worse of storms. "

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

an array of feelings.
Tuesday, 24 February 2009

happy 16th ally :D

exhausting day in school, 'cause i got a serious migrane halfway and it almost killed me 'cause it's not easy trying to pay attention while trying my best to tolerate it.

council matters in the morning, and started with bio lessons, another person in L-O-V-E with my DABI :D oh my gosh, i think i need someone to equip me with the skills of writing a good bio essay tyvm (:

breezed through math lesson, and got back english 15/25, not bad considering the scores of others. nahhs but i still aspire to get a1 for english so i shall just work harder. (: briefing for the scholarship prog. OMG I FELT DAMN STUPID WHEN BEING COMPARED TO THE OTHERS.

demoralised after a while, but thanks to the encouragements of many lovely people, i cheered up real fast. (:

chinese lesson was a total waste of time, and i don't think i'm learning anything out of these lessons. chem paper ( i got the shock of my life to see that i failed th MCQ component when it was her who marked it wrongly ) A1 for chem :D hahas better than expected, but still, i've got to continue working harder :D

EFL, NY TRIP BRIEFING ( OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH NY ) and SRP :D ( i'm glad i brought lappie to school today: 'cause i photoshoped a new wallpaper when i was free ( refers to pic above ))

leaving for NY on the 8th of march :D

and we wanted to spam XX tagboard with 'hahas, bitch.' at macs but we didn't.

to momo:
yes, i admit she WAS a bitch, and i'll always remember the days you kept blaming yourself for all the conflicts between the two of you. i know how much you really treasured that relationship and how sincere you were in trying your best to treat her well.

but i guess those days are over and now you're just left with this huge mess to clear up, yes those stupid horrendous malicious rumours being spread around by uncivilised people. well, you just need to know is that all that matters isn't abt what she thinks about you but what we, the people who really care abt you think.

i'll always be there for you no matter what ( yeahh with exceptions of you disowning me for someone else ).


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

for a great cause,
Monday, 23 February 2009

i really didn't adore today, yeahh typical monday's where we're all dead and draggy from all that mugging during the weekends, the only day that you'll experience a super normal, human cheryl. brain was blank with nothingness but how screwed i think i would be, but still managed to pull through the day.

lessons, bio for first period and my DABI came in really handy (: and geography resulted in half the class feeling more tired ( anyways, happy birthday to siting and cherylchng (: ) physics lessons almost killed me. chinese lesson, math and finally hist test.

after school was kinda of more interesting:

decided to give out flyers for the CIP and it turned out kinda awful, 'cause many people locked their mailbox so we couldn't distribute much flyers, and successfully managed to distribute to blk504 thanks to the mail auntie :D

and i ran back in the rain with tianning. drenched and super wet, ( refers to pic below )

science experimented and headed to pizza hut for lunch at 4.45 (:

with love, cheryl.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

revelation of his love,
Sunday, 22 February 2009

finally attended service after three weeks, gosh i really miss the lowlies, worship was awesome ( as usual ) and really got inspired by the sermon, the gift of grace, like how at time god blesses us with things that we do not deserve, well. it really made me look back and reflect on my life and all those moments where god's grace was just more than sufficient for me.

worship with cell, before we all headed to macau express for lunch and fellowshipping, thanks yingx for the ride back home (: and jingyi stayed in my room for a while waiting for the rain to stop and causing damage to all my toys.



was in school by 8.30 mugging for hist before the leadership talk, and the course ended at 12.10, changed into fullguides uni before heading to amkhub to meet sharon. as usual, not wanting to go to the indoor stadium to waste time, we stopped at bugis for abt 10 mins for lunch before train-ing to kallang mrt

( okay here comes the loserish part)

we freaking couldn't find the bus stop with bus no. 11 so we walked to like 4 different busstops and that took us like 30 mins ++. finally found the bus stop and bus.ed to SIS and omg th busstop was super far away from SIS so we had to walk in, and we passed by national stadium, so..

me: omg, this place super pretty to take photo's (:
sharon: yeahh,
me: aiyah, we're late already take a few pictures then go lahhs,

so we took pics with my cam ( and i think the few people passing by thought we were crazy ) but the pics were super pretty ( refer to previous post )

finally made our way to indoor stadium to attend the thinking day ceremony just in time to cheer for our own guides, and like 1 hr later the whole thing ended, and was suppossed to head to aljunied to meet xide to go down the the ER cookout tgt, but they said had to be released from school.

kallang - aljunied = 1 stop
angmokio - aljunied = red line to green line = transfer = waste of time

rants and rants about how angry i was on the bus back to anderson,

walked super fast from anderson to angmokio ( yes i seriously mean fast, like 10-15mins walk into 5 mins ) and trained down to boonkeng instead. had to find my way to livingspring church, hahas thank god for giving me a good sense of direction if not i would have been lost as i've never ever walked from the mrt station there before.

met up with the ER's to help them a little here and there, and to catch up with tiffany and davina ( aww i miss you wonder-wolfies (: ) headed to swensens at bugis for 2 topless 5's, fries, and fried mushrooms (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

through it all,
Saturday, 21 February 2009

for a picture paints a thousand words, i shall elaborate no further for now,

camwhorings with sharon on our way to indoor stadium (: hahas i love my cam.

cookarama :D good job ER's (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i've fallen,
Friday, 20 February 2009

guides photo spamz.

happy thinking day guides (:

arrived at school at 6.20am, and did guides thinking day stuff all the way till 7.50++? and there's ny trip briefing ( yes ryan, i don't ever want to hear that sentence again. ) and headed to math lesson, i miss sitting next to megaloser woman :( can't talk to her.

english lesson, @ mac lab and i finally got to spend time with megaloser, it's total crap not being able to talk to her, while doing research on debate topic and discussing abt the leadership submit.

chinese lesson was a total waste of time, and chem lesson left me utterly frustrated because of the issues piling up and i was partially emo,

celebrated peijun's birthday at blk 506 (: and headed back to school to study in council room before guides,

guides was awesome because of all that laughing and gossiping with my2 (: , and was ranting with jiaqin over smses :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

and those were the days,
Thursday, 19 February 2009

i love the feeling of getting an old friend back (:

long long day today, montfort investiture :D hahas, and changed seating during CME period, no more megaloser and sitting right next to jassy ( 'cause there's one big jumbo gap between me and her now) and my new sitting partner is biaojin :D

math lessons, failed a.math hahas but's it's okay 'cause i've got so many math pro's helping me now with it, ( thanks deariees ) , and geography period was 'raving about how excited we are abt NY period :D'

hist lessons, chem and physics ( yes we cheated on the practical, there i said it. ) hahas, it's real stupid to really carry out the lessons 'cause retarded people like me can't do anything that is associated with straight lines.

lunched with 3/1ians, and went back to chinese extra lessons and chem lessons, (: srp.ed and headed to ljs ( thanks momo for coming back to walk with me and tianning for carrying my bag (: )


i really need to count my blessings for all that i've got, 'cause i'm just really fortunate to be so blessed. (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

to just practice what you preach,
Wednesday, 18 February 2009

emotionally-taxing day with all those up and downs,

headed to school, to attempt doing math in councilroom with seniors helping me solve that stupid question2 ( thanks loveess (: ) and finally managed to get myself to attend an investiture with sharmini , though it's like monfort's.

lessons were kinda brief though, finally managed to grasp the concept of physics today, v.ball for p.e. once again, and successfully managed to pull through math while understanding a bit of the concept. ( but he really messed me up with his crappish reasonings on forms and functions. )

geography made me really hyped up 90.4/100 for CA1 and i finally beat/on par with those super geognerds, yayness. (: english lesson passed awfully quickly, and went for guides, ( I DON'T WANT TO SAY ANYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I DON'T LIKE POSERS. )

someone please remind me to finish up those facebook notes tyvm.
and i aspire to do well in physics ( i need a miracle to take place. )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

not all that glitters,
Tuesday, 17 February 2009

happy birthday charlene,
happy birthday praveena.
happy birthday baby jeanelle lee jie en ( shirley&eugin's baby :D )

hello :D i'm finally home and settled after this wonderful and lively day of mine,

8hrs of school commenced with me ignoring some person from my peer class ( it's really not my fault 'cause i didn't know that he was talking to me ) bio lessons and math lessons, ( yes i'm angry 'cause i had to retry the question 4 times, and still not have the right answer ), and english. before break and chinese lessons ( OMG, conversations in lessons were funny ) chem lesson and social studies,

and i couldn't absorb any information from afternoon lessons, 'cause my brain had reached maximum quota for the day, lessons ended at 5 and headed to bishan and then to changi airport to fetch mummy :D

dinnered at eastcoastpark area with mummy and daddy, before making last min plans to head out to study. (: went home, bathed, packed. and left for kovan macs at 9.20 (: and i studied till abt 10+ when norman came :D headed home at 11. ( i should really make it a point to study out late, less distractions :D )

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

we'll shine like the stars,
Monday, 16 February 2009

(love) all those who constantly give me their support (:

had a relatively long day in school today,

lessons were okay, but teachers killed the day. social studies had has digging out and rapidly infering all that we can to get more marks, and geography ( 22/22 for map test tyvm :D ) and bio were fine ( thanks abdul for helping me with the agar, (: ) but chinese really screwed up all our minds, like half the class was asleep/mugging for chem while he went through stuff, passed my suoduanchangwen though :D

math lessons, and chem test, ( say yays 'cause tests for this week are officially over i hope :D ), bitched with largie after school it's been such a long time since i've done that, and headed over to guides. ( i'm just praying for thinking day to be over soon. )

dinnered at nebo with joyce and headed home to be free for once, (:
with love, cheryl.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i'm no superhuman
Saturday, 14 February 2009

for love's sake,

i just can't help but doubt myself if i have the ability to be like i used to, you know so full on confidence with that feeling that i can achieve anything in the world if i just did my best, maybe i was naive and such simple thoughts could actually allow me to go that far, to achieve what people said i couldn't do.

but now just so many serious thoughts have clouded up my mind, and i'm just filled with self-doubt if i can go even further to achieve what people now say is possible for me to achieve. it's like i've lost that drive to push myself all the way to excel and strive for perfection. and all that support from all my close ones, the ones that truly undestand me, have just faded away after they've seen me continuously striving for excellence,

i just feel like an underachiever, someone please pull me out of this crazy mindset of mine.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

hope of the nations,
Friday, 13 February 2009

and there's meaning in my life.

v.day celebrations in school :D and momo's birthday, thanks to all who gave me such amazing and pretty presents, loveee each and every one of you. (: ( photo's to be up soon i hope ) hahas, was to obsessed over crazing over the presents that lesssons didn't seem like a big deal apart from the fact that i got 28/40 for emath :D hahas my first a2 for math in 3 years :D

and the handmade flowers from momo, omg, he gave me the first batch he made and they really looked fugly, but still it's the thought that counts ( though i did whine a lot abt it until he really sat down for 1/2hr to make pretty roses for me :D )

headed down to bethel lugging the whole big bag of presents down :D and helped deco the auditorium until abt nearly 11, and headed out for supper with the rest till 12+ before xide sent me home :D


cabbed down to school for leadership course, and attended 3 hours of that before training down to bethel, hahas, had enrollment service and cmdr aimei gave me super pretty flowers and the 2006 talentine star :D ( refer to pic below )

ohh, but the flower withered away already.

dinnered with the cmdrs and ER's. and it's not fun dinnering with people who constantly laugh abt you height and flick their fingers against your head ( like 8 over times ) hahas, and the vanride home was quite exhilirating :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Thursday, 12 February 2009

happy birthday momo :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

500th post.

( random photo's are the new craze :D )

once again, bloggings at unearthly hours, it's really no surprise that i just finised clearing up the homework and studying for the upcoming tests ( which will take place in roughly 8hrs time )

it's been such a crazy hectic week for me,with the ever-growing amount of homework and the many expectations and responsibilities that i can't neglect. and the stress has been building up over the past few weeks, but i really need to thank god for putting so many amazing people around me to motivate me to not give up ( yes, i love each and everyone of you darhlings :D )

had a pretty emo-ish day today besides all those crazy series of events i went through , 'cause amath was a killer and trying to comprehend it just meant death. ( and stupid momo is a bad teacher in math. ) and at certain points in time it just felt like i was darn stupid to not to able to understand such simple logic.

and my sleeping routine of sleeping at least 5hrs a day had been disrupted due to yesterday's events and having to wake up early to attend school for hearts connection day stuff.


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

with all that love,
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

table was really screwed today with the massive stack of 4 files taking up 1/4 of the table and another 1/4 being taken up by the textbooks, leaving me with barely 1/2 of the table left for me to do my work. and couldn't really concentrate with domokun and cookie monster staring at me during lessons, :( but my giant pen was really the greatest distraction of all.

bio lesson first, followed by math and another surprise test of his which i think i most probably will not screw up this time. and english oracy continued during english lesson. ( hahas i have authority to laugh at losers such as jiaqin 'cause she only completed her oracy today ;D )

and i think i'm turning insane, 'cause i'm actually doing my chinese homework ( quoted. ) and i am actually improving in chinese :D


lunched with councillors ( suen, hidhir, jaslyn, daryn ) before rushing back to school for history extra lessons, and my forteress of books saved me, 'cause i left my set of notes at home while trying to complete the history paper, hello i was totally screwed. like highlighting in air (!)

went to dhobyghaut with kohkia to get V.day pressies :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

the bonds that never cease.
Monday, 9 February 2009

behind this smile,

get well soon jassydarhling :D

hello, i'm back to blogging at unearthly hours (: okay, sec 3 life sucks, bigtime.homework from the diff periods i had today were really forming up to become a pile and i just officially ended mugging for the geog paper like the second before the paper was given out,

life in class was boring with jassy absent and megaloserwoman gone after 3 hours because of her match. and the surprise math test almost killed me, IREALLYHATESTUPIDSURPRISETESTS.

reached home at 6 after SRP and busied myself with socialstudies, dance research and class tee designing.

homwork to do list:
1. biology wkbk
2. geog wksts
3. physics wksts
4. chinese wkst
5. chemistry MCQ wkst
6. math inequalities wkst
7. socialstudies news paper articles

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

screwed up mindsets
Saturday, 7 February 2009

i don't know you, so just stay away from me.

went to church for children ministry but skipped cell, 'cause almost none of the girls turned up today and had loads of homework to be cleared ( mentoring class took up the time i was suppossed to do homwork. ) headed home to re-study geog plate tech, and to find my missing folding&faulting notes, ( it's long lost :( )

kohkia came to my house to study for abt 3 hrs, and we talked more than we did homework but still we did homework and i did like 4 questions of my chinese homework (: and i finally comprehend on how to do the physics wkst after many many days.
steamboat at home with grandpa :D and i'm studying now ( yes really mugging with the specs and the table piled up with books )
darn, i'm really becoming a super life-less person, like totally no life at all ( except on sats/suns ) i need to stop getting so much homework, but it's not a personal choice. i hate sec3 life. tyvm

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

daylight to break,

hahas i look amazingly white in the photo :D ( long-owed from youthcamp dec'08. )

had a wonderfully (lame) day today (: did some physics in the morning while doing dance research, and i'm super irritated now by physics, the worksheet answers can't be found on the interactive thingy and in the txtbk,

gave up on it and headed off to rr, the no. of girls are dwindling/dwindled today, leaving me behing with the company of andrina for a while, real weird being the only girl around. stayed back for membership course with the rest, and my cookiemonster got abused by many evil people :( managed to listen and study geog concurrently even though it was freezing cold,

and oh my gosh, norman+rs+rq are lammmeee to the max, and i almost died on the van ride ( courtesy of xide ) home,

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

for i promised to dance for freedom
Friday, 6 February 2009

hello today was a crazyyy day, started school in council room rushing out the englishvocab book thingy till excercise50. and the tte, and was laughing at the cold-bloodedness of jiaqinmegaloserwoman in lesson :D had a surprise math test, and went through inequalities,

AND I JUST REALISED HOW LOSERISH I AM TO DO TILL 50 WHEN I ONLY HAVE TO DO IT TIL 25. oracy for english lesson. chinese lesson was just simply crap, tyvm :D

chem spa, and CI, ohhhmyyygosssh, i honestly think seniors are geniuses as they all got mainly a1's on their maths(both A & E ), and now the expectations are raised which means lower scores, like lets say 7.5 for 3/1'09, 4/1'09, 4/1'10.

air-rifle :D hahas shot 93/100 :D but the whole experience is really traumatising, 'cause the gun is bleedy heavy, ( and i got the stupid one that needs to be reloaded ) so i had to repeated yank it open and shut it before i fired, and i got like friction wounds from having diff parts of my hand rub against the rough surface of the table ( the mark still remains. )

"Dancers aren't made of their technique, but their passion."

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

raised hopes,
Thursday, 5 February 2009

happy 1year miloodearest :D

boring day at school today apart from the heart on the board saying 'i love cheryl lim', hahas big joke yeahh. went through the day facing the paranoid side of msyep and her great determination to have us bring out thermometer for tte tmr, hahas ( signs on both doors, personalised slips that read "BRING THERMOMETER, 6TH FEB." and smses which read the same )

bloody kuku's should try their best not to be kuku tmr, or face the wrath of mrskoh + ms yep :D

CME, math test which i miraculously did not screw up (yet), geography, history, chemistry, physics and chinese extra lessons ( SPAMMED JIAQINMEGALOSER WOMAN W SMS'S THOUGH WE'RE SITTING NEAR ONE ANOTHER) and we were counting down the time till lessons ended :D and srp.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

and it's time to get serious,
Wednesday, 4 February 2009

just take a bow,

i'm a lucky girl to have the love and support of so many people around me (L)

started deliberating over the diff issues early in the morning after hearing what many had to say, it's weird hearing that many people are backstabbing one another in the back, and many rumours being spread about, and it really got me thinking of what i wanted and what's the most important.


physics started the day, with p.e. following after, and had a nice lengthy talk with sharmini while heading over to ISH for v.ball. I DON'T LIKE STUPID POLITICAL SITUATIONS AND HEARING OF PEOPLE BACKSTABBING ONE ANOTHER.

math lesson almost screwed me up with the weird theories he was drilling into my skull, stayed in for recess trying to finish up his work, had geog lesson and english test before we offically ended school.

SRP, meeting over lunch and experimented, and the fuel cell finally works :D

in need of someone to talk to.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

me and you, centerstage.
Tuesday, 3 February 2009

abandon, lose all emotions.

school is getting super over-rated, extralessons schedule just came out yesterday and today we have 9hrs of lesson (?) ( 6hrs school, 3 hrs extralessons ), and have been doing fine/better than average in school and trying to score the best marks i can achieve in each and every test. homework-doing is now a mundane daily chore that is required of us (3/1'09) students, and tests are now the root of evil.

day started terribly, a little late for council attirecheck, and found out that lunchperiod taken away for chem lesson, and that i won't be visiting my second home today. bio lessons, maths and english left my mind blank while trying to pick up all the little fragments of chem KPT for the test.

chinese lesson, topped with others for the cowidiomtest and did his wkst, chem lesson, KPT test almost screwwed me up, and ss was the only period that made sense to me before i went into hibernation mode. chemlesson once again, as she took away our lunch period and left us with 5 pathetic mins to rush down to buy food before we die in the other lessons,

i hate physics ( sry mrN, but seriously ) and history woke me up once again as mrK gave us chewinggum to keep us awake.

valentineeeeees day is coming people :D buy roses from council tyvm. (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Monday, 2 February 2009

typical monday at school, i really really really love the weekends alot, started lessons with socialstudies followed by geog, darn i screwed up the wkst bigtime, and bio lessons were mrL advertised the NYtrip to other students,

chinese idom test after recess, 30 niu chengyu tested and got back out chinese test results, 24.5/35 :D hahas, much higher than i expected, 'cause my chinese standards are terrible. math lesson, and finally socialstudies common test before school ended,

common test schedule:

tues, KPT test ( chem )
weds, english(CA1)
thurs, math( pls pray that i pass)
fri, chem practical
mon, geography

SRP.ed to 5pm before heading to amkhub and going home (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

action speaks louder than words,
Sunday, 1 February 2009

CNY visitation,

saturday, out with rangers to have CNY visitation :D met at 9-9.40am at sk mrt to meet the others and headed down to gabtan's house for the 1st stop of visitation, gosh, the ER's ( boys ) are lame to the max. indian poker-ed, murder-ed and polarbeared before we left his house :D

headed over to norman's house and noel is super cuteee (: walkedd all the wat to buangkok mrt station and bussed to whitesands, trained to bedok to lunch at ljs again (: bus-ed to abby's house :D hahas her house is superr coool, and all pictures above are courtesy of her house :D

was restless on the bus to conrad's house, but didn't sleep, so was super tired when we reached his house, hahas ate and watched tv, while having conrad try to persuade us into x-boxing, hahas, thanks xide for sending me home, though the van ride was a total havoc with the crazy/lame people.

i think i tapped my ezlink card 7+ times in total.

changi airport :D

sunday, davids in the morning, and hyperactive kids are real scary but real cute :D NOAHHH :D went for CNY reunion with the cell before the four of us headed over to t3 for lunch @ popeyes (: hahas, did many kiddoish stuff at t3 hahas and camwhored with the rest (: before i trained home with jingyi :D

with love, cheryl.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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