Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
Sunday, 29 November 2009


beauty isn't just skin deep

day spent preparing sermon for the philippines trip,
got new phone sim card, so phone number's still the same (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

15 candles,

29th nov,
the day that i spend everywhere and anywhere except home.

crazy how i've been spending birthday every year at camps and gatherings rather than home. this birthday didn't even seem like one because it just felt like a major day out with all those that i treasure dearly. glad i managed to spend my birthday with the cellies, the rangers and my family (: and i'm so touched by everything everyone has done for me :D can't believe low primary friends even remembered my birthday, email's flooded with 100 over emails, and though i can't read the messages from my lost handphone, i really appreciate the thought.

last night, went to cell retreat feeling super down, but cellies were great and cheered me up alot, angel and mortal revelation - chuanlian's mine, and i can't believe that she actually had to talk to herself on my tagboard all this while. cellies celebrated my birthday 1/2hr early with 15 donuts, and the ER's who went for l4d2 called me at midnight to wish me happy birthday,

slept super late after playing citidel with cellies before getting into the sleeping bag facing the super cold airconditioning.

morning, bus-ed to bukit batok, trained from jurong east all the way to expo ( hate it when there are mega sales at expo, 'cause the trains are packed and it's super noisy there. ) anyways had service and short period of cell. PLEASE SUPPORT THE DONATION DRIVE TAKING PLACE @ SP :D

headed with cellies to sakae sushi @ changi t2 for 'lunch' <-- my one plate of sushi :(

down to aljunied to meet ER's, before heading back to simei to spend time with edina, seriously laughed alot during the games session 'cause it was just so retarded and the ER"S were really sporting. (TOILET MUCH.) celebrated birthday again with the ER'S and the spiderman cake.

back to aljunied and took bus 80 to play l4d2, hahas, totally suck at using the new characters in l4d, especially the jockey and the spitter. it's a mircle that i managed to attain the MEAT TENDERIZER - charger in l4d2 (at the expense of conrad's characters life though.)

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Saturday, 28 November 2009

phone's gone, feel so lost w/o it.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

when you say nothing at all.
Friday, 27 November 2009


hahas, my mum keeps laughing at this shot 'cause she says i have a square for a face and double chin :(

if i have nothing nice to say, i rather say nothing at all. so i'm not going to blog anything apart from this, time spent with cuzzies from both sides was really awesome (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

let the music play
Wednesday, 25 November 2009


dangg, i can't bear to drag my lazy ass off the couch and up to my bedroom.
staring at the wound on my leg, and i swear, it's bound to leave to super fugly scar after the scab peels off :(
updated my room's noticeboard with youthnet's schedule 2010, exciting list of events coming up next year, can't wait to see what exactly is in store,

4hours in church for mission trip prep,
a lot more hours at the funeral, before heading home, doing up the present for my angel while thinking of what crazy pj's to wear for the sleepover.
crazy after midnight snack of honey stars

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Nothing happens unless we dream.
Tuesday, 24 November 2009


it's 1.44pm already and day hasn't been progressive so far, still trying to force myself out of the house to the library to return the super overdue books, get stuff to prepare for the cellies retreat on sat night as well as grab some plant and birdie books in view of completing my nature study merit. (nerd much ?!)

anyways, my second greatest food craze seaweed shaker fries are back again (: just got them just now for dinner.

i aspire to clean up all the random piles in my room, 'cause somehow they just seem to reappear whenever i try to do so.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

change is constant

2002 birthday

day was pretty much the same besides the fact that i woke up at like 11am after going back to sleep when i realised i wasn't going to make it through the day if i woke up at 7 and headed to join the science specialists for the day of science activities.

day got wasted away because i kept procrastinating,

and finally made it out to the wake at 5 with daddy, spent like 2 hours plus clearing physics and math homework, before the second batch of rangers came.


side track.

been reading the 'living life' devotional book for about 2 months now, and it's been a great encouragement for me, personally, i've been reminded of how omnipresent and omnipotent my God is because everytime when i think so something that i'm struggling with or an issue that i am facing, the answer just surfaces right before my eyes in the reflection portion of the book on the very same night. God's working through this book in my life, and it's great to draw closer to him through this.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

risk more than others think is safe;
Monday, 23 November 2009

day's been long, and i think my eyes are swollen from the lack of sleep.

morning @ wake, before cabbing down to udders at kilat court for the ice cream session. photo's up soon, along with steps on how to make your own homemade ice cream, mine looked more like vanilla milkshake though, hahahs, but it still taste super darn awesome (:

after that off to office before heading down to the wake again.

thanks xide, joshua third/third, rongsheng ahpa and changxiang ginormous for dropping by, hahas feel like reanacting the war scenes and underground church games at the next eastern powwow (tsk tsk. changxiang.)

anyways, thanks for all the encouraging messages from everyone :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

when you've slipped away
Saturday, 21 November 2009

davids today was awesome, been with these kids for nearly 2 years, and today i finally realised how much they've changed from crazy crybaby toddlers to big boys and girls now who are able to speak for themselves and able to thoroughly accept jesus into their lives. (: wanna be with them every step of the way, so i'll be following them up to timothy and barnabus before they finally enter youth and join the cell :D

practiced skit with cellies before meeting mummy, and got the news that grandpa passed away at about 1pm, so the rest of the week will most likely be spent at the funeral.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

tumbling out
Friday, 20 November 2009

hahas i was inside that eggchair alright.


just settled down @ bethel, going to start searching for pictures for the story, hahas, it's pretty retarded 'cause david has an Afro and he looks like ultraman in some pics.


gonna work on GMA now while ally works on her SMA. super super sian, 'cause i've misplaced some really really important things. hope i can find them if not i'm totally screwed.


facebook's lagging like crap, and i'm talking with sherman online now abt primary school 60306 gatherings (: miss you all alot, see you lovelies soon :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Mediocrity is a hand-rail.


cohesion 2009's over,
chalet at costa sands pasir ris resort with the rest of the councillors, cabbed in with the juniors from pasir ris because of the crazy rain, and the chalet's super darn tiny, so i'm pretty anazed by how we managed to squeeze into the 2 tiny living spaces. ended up watching some horror movie before leaving and heading down to ehub.

think the deli auntie at ntuc must think that we are nuts, running around for 1/2hr before finally buying our drinks. amazing race in the muddy field was super terrible, showering felt damn awesome and my hair smells of coconuts now (L)

hahas meeting xiu and O to pass X her wallet was awesome, seriously reminds me of when TOXICS hung out together more often in 2008, super fun (: after that got wasted away on red bull and b, ended up sleeping on the bed with jasmine and amelia while the guys huddlled together on the floor.


left early in the morning w jingwen and trained to vivo from buangkok mrt :D
food hunt (in view of lus return.) we started at seah im food centre opposite harbourfront centre before heading to the ikea at alexandra road, meatballs, daim cake and chicken wings (:

" It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

seeing an imperfect person perfectly
Tuesday, 17 November 2009

the temptest

i'd like to run away,

craziest day so far even though i spent most of the time home, guess the only reason i keep myself so busy and packed all the time's to keep my mind from wondering off to crazy ideas and thoughts.

and as insane as it seems, i chose to leave the house when the thunderstorm was about to start. ended up walking home in the rain trying not to cry, i don't know why but i feel that i've lost everything, like i've got nothing left worth fighting for anymore.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

say it again for me.


day was pretty awesome, though i have blistered feet now.
finally gave myself a day of pampering today, shopped with jingwen at FEP today only indulging myself in those things that i really really wanted, hahas i'm learning how to resist temptation (:

well paperchase organizers for 2010 from borders are really darn pretty but super expensive at the same time, so gotta keep my eye out for other chio but cheaper ones ( which are quite impossible to find. ), but i need one asap 'cause my schedule for 2010 is hectic beyond words now.

idon'tknowwhy but both norman and changxiang kept bugging me to hand over my shopping bags to them on my journey home :(

p/s. my phone alarm's pretty darn loud, so i wonder why i can't seem to wake up to it.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

silhouettes dancing up against the wall
Monday, 16 November 2009

slept at 3.46am the previous night, and i was super tired today :(

im a rich kiddo now, after slogging at work and staring at the desktop for countless hours, added $165 to my ipodtouch fund, so i'm one step closer to getting my ipodtouch :D

lunch with adeline and debozo was cancelled, so have to look forward to the orchard spree with jingwen tmr (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

dont you love in vain; cause love wont set you free
Sunday, 15 November 2009

church today (: kids at davids were super cute especially ignez and samuel today (:
flash mob with cellies was fun but super embarrassing (imagine a bunch of youths freezing in the centre of hall 9 pointing to the youthnet's got talent corner for like 30 secs odd before running to it and shouting youthnet's got talent before casually walking away) EPIC MUCH.

didn't stay for ygt meeting 'cause i went to catch 2012 with my family at bishan,

anyways, i think i injured my back again, the wound on my leg's still a little bloody and i'm having a terrible flu now :(

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

Saturday, 14 November 2009

met the expedition rangers at 12, saw andersonians at the mrt station doing flag day and hike eventually started at 1, it was super embarrassing, i tripped over some guy's grocery cart and it left two bloody wounds on my left leg. but at least one-third and two-third gave me free yogurt which was freaking costly, and one-third gave me some of his granola bar thingy while two-third gave me butternut cookies throughout the hike (:

my second 15km hike went pretty well, though third-third kept hooking my hair with the umbrella throughout the hike and i guess we were pretty tired from walking so much for the first time, made one stop at bedok reservoir for prayer meeting before finally ending the hike at east point bk.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

her heart on your sleeve
Friday, 13 November 2009

took this shot back in 2007,

hahas, i think today was a good day (: spent most of the time today working and earning moola to fund my 32gb ipodtouch, lunch @ auntiekim's was great though it was pretty costly, missed having korean cuisine for such a long time, and i'm such a dodo, drank up one entire cup of coffee and the caffeine didn't kick in at all.

i can't wait for my new phone and second phone line in dec :D

alright, i'm glad i ditched the class chalet 'cause i can do so much more with the time i have instead of wasting it there :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

don't change your mind.
Thursday, 12 November 2009

spot the macdonalds paper bags on the table (?) ^^
all thanks to mrN, who's prolly the best physics teacher ever, he treated the entire class (w exceptions to those who skipped class) to apple pie and chicken nuggets today, and wrote us encouraging notes before physics finals :D hahas, no wonder can become most caring teacher :D

anyways, decided to ditch the class chalet tmr since i think i'll be wasting my time there doing nothing and squishing with the other 30+ of them, but i'm looking forward to council cohesion though, get to interact with the juniors more and hopefully jingwen can bring more arbor mist for me to drink (:

alright, i'm done with my minutes & marshmallows.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

fallen into oblivion
Wednesday, 11 November 2009

and today was just one of those days, crazy how so many things can just go wrong like that.

lessons were as usual and ended up wasting the 2 hours after school playing tap tap/ photoshoping with jw's laptop. hahas, yeap gonna work and earn money($468) to buy my own 32gb itouch hopefully during the christmas period (:

after that sec3 council meeting was pretty tense, but on a brighter note, it's a challenge to see how far we can stretch ourselves, so instead of being fearful let's just jump into it and give it all that we've got.

reached home and read all my texts for the day before realising tha granddad's been admitted back into hospital, worse this time round, so headed down with mummy after dinner to visit him.

so my head's whirling round and round now with all this crazy issues, but my God's awesome 'cause i don't feel crazily stressed out or worried about what the future might hold for the very first time in many years, make it work :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

arms high and heart abandoned
Tuesday, 10 November 2009

i've got a lot of random thoughts for today,

olevel chinese is over and done with and darn the paper was so much tougher than what was expected, oh well goodbye to the fabulous black forest cake that we were going to have.
after that helped jingwen together with pei for bellarossa stuffs

headed down to church and started having random unrelated things flood my mind,
/ i like pastor khong's tweets
/ drinking wine with an empty stomach is suicide
/ internet explorer screws up my blog real bad
/ everyone should change to MF
/ traffic at paya lebar at about 6-ish is terrible

met junhao baobei who was at SBC watching match, while i was on the way to bethel and he's a super retard, " hahas, just now you call me i look at you i dunno who you are until after 3 seconds." dinner was @ macs with the other rangers before busing home with joshua/gabriel/changxiang on 43 where cx and i bumped into rq @ the overhead bridge.

OHMMMGEEE, to all fcbc youths :D


Lots of ♥, Cheryl

fight to the finish
Monday, 9 November 2009

tahiti, perfect island getaway.

day was spent at home studying for o'level chinese,
but i think i wasted more time doing irrelevant stuff than studying it, it's crazy 'cause tomorrow's the big day and mdm chan's class must have at least 60% distinctions alright :D then we can have her famous cakes.

Jin Hong says:
Good luck for Chinese O's tomorrow! Hope we'll both come back with an A1. Haha! (:

hahas, guess i'm just going to focus on what's going to happen tomorrow. going to jingwen's house with peijun after exams to take photos for bellarossa before heading down to bethel for prayer meeting and gotta prepare for bio spa on weds.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

you kill the thunder
Sunday, 8 November 2009


i love love love sundays,

yingx brought yinghui to church today, didn't bring my gkids card today so had to get the 'PARENT' sticker from them to enter the back of hall 1o, and i swear it was darn retarded, went out to check on davids club and when i came back the leaders from timothys club were all back, then one of them asked me, " Are you her mother?" and when i replied no all she said was, " oh thought you so young be her mother already." MAJOR OMG.

apart from that the sermon today was great (:

lunch at hall 9 before having youth congre and cell, hahas chuan lian ----> lego man and bulldog's our biggest joke today, and discussion for YOUTHNET'S GOT TALENT ended at 4.

hahas and sarah's so cutesy (L) just read her email on bimbo names, 'cause we (mingchin, sarah and I) are the bimbo girls in our performance for YOUTHNET'S GOT TALENT, and i can't believe that she actually went to search it up, and FYI CHERYL'S NOT ON THE LIST OF BIMBO NAMES.

1. Janice
2. Britney
3. Monique
4. Amber
5. Fifi
6. Kimmie
7. Allyson
8. Star / Starla
9. Luna
10. Paris
11. London
12. Tracey
13. Sage
14. Chantelle
15. Chanel
16. Chelsea
17. Pam / Pamela
18. Gina
19. Megan
20. Summer

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

pride and prejudice
Saturday, 7 November 2009

walkathon today at clarke quay, met jingyi @ serangoon before heading down together, waited for the others and headed to the field near riverside point, macarena for warm up excercise before the 5km hike commenced .life has been too fast paced and i didn't realise how gorgeous the scenery was before, and river place's my dream homeeeee.

breakfast at liang court with cellies and lester, jerald and jianxing.
managed to get belgium waffles from starbucks and iced choc from mccafe before settling down at the same table with the guys and having a hearty breakfast after the long walk, guys left earlier so cellies got together to plan for YOUTHNET'S GOT TALENT ( SHRIEKS ), our performance will be totally *boomz*

learnt piano songs 'you belong with me' and 'already gone' on the piano in the afternoon before having claypot chicken rice for dinner at woodlands while visiting cuzzies and granddad.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

black paper roses
Friday, 6 November 2009

9th EXCO

jingwen passed me the clothes from BELLAROSSA today (: hahas i', totally in love with the demin biker jacket and acidwash skirt :D last chinese lesson before O's next week, nerves are super retarded to be reacting to this only now, but oh well i have to do what i need to. i dislike clearing out the locker though, 'cause a lot of my books, files and notes are all mashed up inside together.

learnt a bit of 'you belong with me' on the piano today :D finally decided to catch jennifer's body online because all of us sec 3's can't watch it just yet, hahas trust me it's seriously a thriller, not as scary as those crazy horror flicks yet it did manage to cause my heart to race.

alright, gotta rest early for the walkathon tmr morning (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

straight through the heart
Thursday, 5 November 2009

i can't wait for chinese o's to be over, it's so crazy having to worry about it each and everyday and the workload that comes with the preparation is insane, it's stupid how today's supposedly the 4th day of the holidays cause everyday i find myself clad in school based attire and coming home late, well at least on a brighter note i'm only left with a few days of extra lessons.

can say that today was a pretty emotional day, spent the break in 3/3 with jingwen and peix before wasting time in hist lesson, seriously, she just reads off the slides/notes so basically i'm not learning anything from her though pohseng and brandon did make me laugh a lot during the hist. lesson. don't like the rain today :( lunch at NEBO once again w jQ,peix and sharon, and OMG it's damn cold in there only rainy days like that.

okay, i need more moola now, can't keep spending w/o a source of income except my allowance.

with love, cheryl. (:

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

i've reached a point where only you can make a difference in my life.
Wednesday, 4 November 2009

i don't want to just waste my life away, just feel like i haven't been making good use of my time so far. like i'm just getting lazier and lazier everyday and i don't like it, feels like it's so unbecoming of me :(

physics SPA today in school from 8am to 9am, decided to head home early to catch up on some sleep right after grabbing a 9degrees cocktail from 7eleven, can't believe it but i actually bumped into celeste on the bus and she made my dayy :D

just caught the latest episode of melrose place (2009) and ella simms (katie cassidy) is super coolio in my opinion :D

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

you're on my radar
Tuesday, 3 November 2009

day's been long and tiring, and i'm going to try to blog it all out though i'm not happy now cause my lappie being retarded and lagging a lot. dunno why but i feel like such a mess, head's spinning once again and i still feel cold in my longsleeved top with my aeropostale hoodie over.

lessons in the morning ended at 12, so after that went off with jingwen to settle all misc thingys (popular/post office/duplicate key) before heading to nebo to study (: i think we ended up procrastinating more than studying but i still managed to complete math and chinese before busing down to bethel.

prayer meeting for mission trip at church, and i really like what norman said about god being omnipresent, though i can't remember his exact words, it's something like this.

" he's in front of us to path the way, he's behind us to give us that support that we need, he's beside us to walk with us, he's below us to catch us when we fall, he's above us to watch over us and most importantly he's inside us."

bus 43 ride back home with all the rest,

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

breaking down these walls
Monday, 2 November 2009

this is what will make your mind go *boomz* even after staring at it for just a few mere minutes.

i can't believe that today's the first day of the november holidays because meanwhile i don't really know about what holiday i'm even talking about as i guess i'll barely even have a break with everything that's piling up. IT'S GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A HOLIDAY, :D

gotta tie up to loose ends of my GMA, do the necessary for mission trip preparation, ASC's packed with council activities like planning for orientation 2009/graffiti ground/council camp, cellies are planning to participate in YOUTHNET'S GOT TALENT, science engineering fair's in january next year and youth science fair in march so gotta work on science project as well.

well at least the meeting with the principal today was productive, so happy with the new direction the school is going in, *sneak preview* canteen's being renovated, tv shows being played on the LCD screens with a whole new cafe corner and sofas put in place, school's going to get repainted both in and out while more study areas are being set up around the school. school's going to implement new programmes for the different levels at the end of the terms, exciting learning journeys to eye opening places. (SHRIEKS!!) EXCITING.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl

one love
Sunday, 1 November 2009

5:19pm overload of science thingys that i do not understand, even diagrams are darn hard to interpret.

10:21pm MACADAMIA NUT BRITTLE'S THE ULTIMATE LOVEEE FOR NOW. hahas, currently trying to study chinese and fix my stupid printer with the retarded non-existent paper jam.

can't believe birthday's coming so soon, 'cause i can't seem to remember all the many days have passed since my previous one. tsktsk.

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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audrey hepburn

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