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Sunday, 18 April 2010


finally back to fcbc for service today, haha it feels so weird seeing kwaihoong, mingchin and jialing after so many weeks and being greeted with the same ol sentence of 'hao jiu bu jian', part of me feels like a outsider to my cell because of the number of weeks i've been away from them, yet another part of me is just glad that i'm finally back with this family of mine once again (:

did some tidying up in my room though it still looks like an absolute mess, ended up spending some time looking through my box of royal rangers stuff and i found all my ROTY name tags, 6 of them in total, all mixtures of red.blues and one black one, i totally forgot about all of them and looking back, i just realized that my life really started turning around in 2003 where the whole series of ROTY awards started coming into play. sometimes it still feels weird seeing my name up on that screen in the auditorium or even receiving the name tag printed with the large words Ranger of the Year right above my name.It's crazy how sometimes i'll stare at the tag wondering who this Cheryl Lim is, taking seconds to even come to the realisation that that very girl is me. It's pretty abstract how i'm here today where i am in this rangers ministry, i never ever thought that i would be anything special, like i was always destined to live a normal life, yet now everything's so different. the scene from yesterday was really something very special for me, i was helping to arrange the DR's in their rows of 5 and suddenly ezekiel went "Cheryl jiejie, you got your silver medal le ah? When you getting your gold one?" and then marcus joined in "yeah when you getting your gold?" and when i replied that i've completed it and that i'm just waiting to get it marked they both said, " woah so fast ah, next time i also want to be like you." It's like the first time i've ever heard anyone say that they wanted to be just like me, and this brings me back to the conversation i had with cmdr mich a few weeks back where he was pushing me to complete my GMA and to take this role in the ministry as a role model for the younger kids, setting the standards and living an example. Of course many question marks popped into my head and i started doubting this and that but soon i realized that if this is what He has destined for me then i'll do it even though it's something out of my comfort zone.I'm so excited for the greater things that are about to come!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



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