Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 has been a good year, it certainly has had it's ups and downs but it was still good nonetheless.

Looking back at this year, I've really seen God's hand upon my life and how His goodness has saw me through the year. Listed below are the some of the few things that I would like to thank God for even as I step into 2012. (Not listed in order of merit.)


Getting into NP IBZ is really something I need to thank God for. I remember being in sec 3 and I set my mind on SoBA in NP, and I remember being so passionate about wanting to get into TRM (Tourism & Resort Management). And then the dream shattered because everyone was telling me to go to JC and even if I choose poly go to a better course than something like TRM. I remember being lost for a bit, wondering whether I really was destined for JC life or maybe there was a course somewhere out there that was better suited for me. And then I found International Business (IBZ) in NP. I remember speaking about getting into IBZ in my dream video (2010) and in terms of the educational part of my life, it was my biggest dream & desire. I remember getting my O level results and after seeing it I was really happy cause I knew I actually had a shot at the course (with the COP being 7). And of course after seeing my results, my mum, relatives and friends all convinced me to go to JC instead of Poly. Ended up making the decision to go to poly & prayed that I would get into IBZ (NP). It really was the best feeling waking up that morning to see this sms :) Thank you God for fulfilling this dream of mine.

Being in IBZ has really been a blessing and I'm really glad to be part of such as crazy, enthusiastic,"自-high" course, a day spent with IBZies is never boring and is never the same. We go around school all a little crazy, sometimes getting weird stares from everyone, and we always starting shouting our IBZ cheer like some crazy people in the lift when we got the entire lift to ourselves. And I've also met so many interesting people, my 3 BFFs (JOVI, LESLIE & DESTIN) and my SBF's (SAMEH THE SEXY BITCH), the awesomes, and just all the random people that I look forward to seeing in school which never fail to make my day. Those are things that I'm not gonna forget and I can't wait for more overseas trips with my dearest course mates :) 

2. The Awesomes

HAHAHA okay I know we a bit buay paiseh call ourselves "The Awesomes' but I'm proud of it cause firstly I gave us that name and secondly we are deserving of the name because everyone part of this group is truly awesome. There's Rowena, my fellow picky eater friend and the one that always share similar thoughts with me (like literally both think the same thing just that I'm the one who dares to actually say it out loud.), there's Yufan the yufantabulous, second biggest bitch of the group (after me of course), my ideawerkz and from now on Bachamps buddy, always a joy to have around cause we always have some shit to talk about no matter what we're doing. There's Brandon, the king of lepak, and because of him I also become a little bit more lepak already, my fellow partner in crime for projects. There's Jiaying the baby of the group (even though technically I'm the youngest) and the rudest/sweetest girl you can ever meet! There's Samantha, the super duper nice and super blur one. Really damn nice to be around her cause she's really the nicest girl ever. (Seriously, anyone messes with my Sam and they get it big time from me.) Then there's Eugene, the guy I used to call emo-nemo, cause he always quiet quiet emo one corner, which I've gotten to know so much better and have so many lame conversations with. And finally there's Chee Yuan, chee koh peh, cause of his overly peverted brain, my go home buddy and really random/funny/gay/interesting friend :) Why are we so awesome? Cause we always have the best time together. We try to make our poly life as interesting as possible by going out and eating nice food and stuff and then after that, we all go broke together hahahaha. Really love all our random gongcha/starbucks visits to thomson plaza just cause we feel like it Really don't think my poly life will be the same without these few darlings of mine. So I really thank God for helping me find such a group of friends in poly!

3. Scholarship

My NP scholarship. Really need to thank God for this. Really never ever ever expected myself to be one of the 5 recipients in IBZ to receive it, till this day I still wonder how I managed to clinch the scholarship and the only answer I can come to is that it's all God's grace. The scholarship has opened many new doors for me, TCPplus and all the milestone programs really have given me plenty of opportunities to develop myself into a better individual. And I'm really glad that my parents got to see me stand of stage and be a recipient of a scholarship. So thank you God and I will definitely work hard to maintain this scholarship!

4. Family

Really thanking God for my family and how He has blessed us so abundantly this year! So my family isn't the closest family in the universe, and to say that we're close would be a severe overstatement. Over the years we've kinda drifted apart, me being busy with school,rangers,church and friends leaving barely enough time for the family, daddy being busy with expanding the business, korkor just not being interested to talk to anyone and mummy trying to pull us back together. Well I really thank God on how my family has bonded and become closer this year and now I can actually have proper conversations with my korkor to find out about his life and all that. I also thank God for how abundantly He has blessed AMX even though this has been a rough financial year for the company, His provisions are still abundant!


ANTS <3 The cell that I'm proud to say that I'm a part of, really can't believe how much God has done for us since we merged with the guys cell back in sept'10. It's really amazing how close we've all become and how much we've all grown in such a short period of time. And it's also a great joy to see our cell grow in size (our FB page has 40 members now) Never fail to look forward to attending cell or just meeting the cellies every week because they all just bring so much joy in my life. I enjoy everything that we do together, from serving God at church events, to weekly cell, to our outings and study sessions etc. We're really grown to become this giant family, the joy, the laughter, the nonsensical arguments, teasing each other, I really cannot help but say that this cell is truly great! And it's really heartwarming to see so many of us stepping up and serving God in a greater capacity this year with kev,clems,esther and I entering Barnabus Club and yingx&bugs entering timothy, not to mention those already serving in levites and davids club or as cell interns! Really excited for things that are soon to come for the cell!


My rangers family consisting of my ERs and the younger commanders, I really thank God for you all! Honestly wasn't looking forward to RR this year but I'm glad to be proven wrong cause looking back now, it has been a pretty good year. Really enjoyed myself serving alongside the ERs in RR events such as DTC and Round Up and all the activities that we've gone through this year together have allowed me to gotten to know the younger boys and girls in ER better :) Haven't gotten many chances to hang out with the younger commanders except maybe my WBF but it's really great seeing everyone serve God in RR with such passion and being such a true inspiration for me. Looking forward to my last year in ER/RR, gonna spend my time wisely and inspire as many lives as I can with whatever time I've been given.

7. Saving my heart

I thank God that He saved my heart for the right one, saw this somewhere, "My heartbreak is always a blessing from God. Its just His way of letting me realized He saved me from the wrong one." Really glad I didn't get into a relationship this year, whether it was because it was the wrong guy or the wrong timing, I'm really glad that I didn't. Was once again reminded that the best years of my life should be used for the work of His kingdom and for the next few years, I want to focus on chasing after Him and using my life to do His work. In God's perfect timing, He'll place the perfect guy into my life, the one that He has saved for me and for now all I need to do is just fully fall in love with Him and make Him the prince of my life.

8. Miscellaneous

Last but not least all the people and events that I've gotten to be a part of or gotten to know in 2011. From Idare and my lovely pikachu mates, to my ideawerkz group one buddies and my BAappreciation Ravenclaw peeps, my JTT JLTA mates, those scholars that I've gotten to met through TCPplus programs, BAOW group people and my fellow gkids leaders and k1,k2 kiddos in timothy club. You guys have taught me a lot and have really made my year an enjoyable one. I'll always remember the 4wd, river crossing,jumping into waterfalls and all that awesome stuff I did with the pikachus in pahang. The endless meetings and roadshow prep with zhenlu and my other group 1 mates. Benjamin and I talking crap before our night walk during app camp, them crashing my loft apartment and crazy photobooting, hiking in pulau ubin with my crazy big backpack with my girls and JTT mates, going through TCP empowerment camp with team Aussie and attending workshops with kok teng, chinbee and chrishayes. Group 7 chalet and getting to know zhuzhi the loser/loner and serving alongside joshua, elicia and the older ones auntie bella, sarah, ailee, lili, christina and uncle nick and not to forget the bestest fake korkor anyone could ask for, lamjiale! <3

In all God has given me a really great 2011 and I really hope that 2012 will be as awesome as 2011 has been. It's certainly gonna be a tough year with the decisions and all that coming into play but God, I trust that you will give me your strength and wisdom to make it through this tough period, to turn my suffering into dancing and my struggles into great testimonies for you!

Lots of ♥, Cheryl



♥ cheryllimsuwen, 29/11.
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